Develop a Growth Marketing Mentality for your Business in the Digital Marketing World…

Growth Marketing Mentality for your Business

An integrated approach to grow & nurture your business & optimize your content marketing efforts through constant testing across different marketing channels.

To develop a Growth Marketing mindset you need to know the marketing funnel, framework to properly operate & improve the marketing funnel & buy-in on instilling a growth mindset within the rest of the organization. The goal of a growth marketer is to identify the new opportunities because new channels of communications are frequently coming to the surface on online marketing space & players are becoming more competitive & expensive i.e. the Return on Investment (ROI) is becoming less. Growth marketing approach will require managing a lot of moving pieces, more people & integration between different departments within the organization.

1.Understand your Marketing Funnel:

Here are the metrics for growth marketing, need to focus on a few important ones, which are listed below:

  • Website Traffic
  • Qualified leads (MQL & SQL)
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention

Start looking for weaknesses within your marketing funnel & common marketing funnel weaknesses are

  • Top of the funnel (not many traffic to the website)
  • Conversion rate (leads are not converting on the website)

2. Improve your Marketing Funnel:

The Bullseye framework is a structure to three separate approaches for gaining traction & this framework will help you to organize & identify the channels, which one will create actions. The framework is used to properly operate & improve your Marketing Funnel. The Center Ring is the top-performing channels, Channels that have the highest potential of gaining traction for your business. The Middle Ring is the secondary channels (possibilities), not your top-performing channels, but they have the most potential to gain traction.

The Outer Ring is the long-shots channels, Prospective opportunities to feel out. Each framework test should uncover:

  • Customer Acquisition through this channel.
  • Customers available through this channel.
  • Customers on this channel who we want.

The Two-Part Testing Process is:

  • Ideation & Planning – Start with ideation i.e., brainstorm the ideas.
  • Implementation – Help to organize the ideas, i.e., use of google sheets.

Planning & Implementation: -Consider left side of the brand, like ROI, Impact of test & resource to complete. Ideas & Creativity: – Consider right side of the brand, which will help to solve your problem.


Develop a Growth Marketing Mentality for your Business in the Digital Marketing World…

3.Buy-in on Instilling Growth Mindset Within the Rest of Organization

Departments to focus within the rest of the organization:

  • Customer service & support Team – There needs to be an open two-way communication channel.
  • Sales Team – Target & Customize Content experiences for e.g. for small business & Enterprise level customers need to adapt to different level approaches.
  • Product & Services Team – It is important to use logic & respect.

Marketing Funnel health will depend on good Growth Marketing pro tips:

a) Top of the funnel tactics i.e., Facebook Ads, Podcast advertising & Secondary SEO

  • Facebook Ads is a great way to target prospects (you can create custom audiences) & we can leverage Facebook custom audiences for growth by launching targeted Ads & target the new prospects by look-alike campaign.
  • Podcast Advertising: allows you to determine where to advertise based on Age, Demographics, Interest & so on.
  • Secondary SEO: referenced or included in the websites that already rank well on search engines for a particular keyword.

b) Middle & Bottom of the funnel tactics:

  • Use Blog Content to nurture new prospects: Take your best & most helpful content & include it in the onboarding emails.
  • Add urgency through deadlines, limited quantity or timing
  • Implement concierge onboarding: is a method in which help & guide your potential customers to purchase your product & service.

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