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Develop a Growth Marketing Mentality for your Business in the Digital Marketing World…

An integrated approach to grow & nurture your business & optimize your content marketing efforts through constant testing across different marketing channels.

To develop a Growth Marketing mindset you need to know the marketing funnel, framework to properly operate & improve the marketing funnel & buy-in on instilling a growth mindset within the rest of the organization.

The goal of a growth marketer is to identify the new opportunities because new channels of communications are frequently coming to the surface on online marketing space & players are becoming more competitive & expensive i.e. the Return on Investment (ROI) is becoming less.

Growth marketing approach will require managing a lot of moving pieces, more people & integration between different departments within the organization.

  1. Understand your Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Here are the metrics for growth marketing, need to focus on few important ones, which are listed below:

Start looking for weaknesses within your marketing funnel & common marketing funnel weaknesses are

  • Top of the funnel (not many traffic to the website)
  • Conversion rate (leads are not converting on the website)


2. Improve your Marketing Funnel

The Bullseye framework is a structure to three separate approaches for gaining traction & this framework will help you to organize & identify the channels, which one will create actions. The framework is used to properly operate & improve your Marketing Funnel.

Bulls eye framework

The Center Ring is the top performing channels, Channels that have the highest potential of gaining traction for your business.

The Middle Ring is the secondary channels (possibilities), not your top performing channels, but they have the most potential to gain traction.

The Outer Ring is the long-shots channels, Prospective opportunities to feel out.

Each framework test should uncover:

  • Customer Acquisition through this channel.
  • Customers available through this channel.
  • Customers in this channel who we want.

The two-part testing process is:

  • Ideation & Planning – Start with ideation i.e., brainstorm the ideas.
  • Implementation – Help to organize the ideas, i.e., use of google sheets.

Planning & Implementation: -Consider left side of the brand, like ROI, Impact of test & resource to complete.

Planning & Implementation

Ideas & Creativity: – Consider right side of the brand, which will help to solve your problem.

Ideas & Creativity

3. Buy-in on instilling growth mindset within the rest of organization

Departments to focus within the rest of the organization:

  • Customer service & support Team – There needs to be an open two-way communication channel.
  • Sales Team – Target & Customize Content experiences for e.g. for small business & Enterprise level customers need to adapt to different level approaches.
  • Product & Services Team – It is important to use logic & respect.


Marketing Funnel health will depend on good Growth Marketing pro tips:

a) Top of the funnel tactics i.e., Facebook Ads, Podcast advertising & Secondary SEO

  • Facebook Ads: is a great way to target prospects (you can create custom audiences) & we can leverage Facebook custom audiences for growth by launching targeted Ads & target the new prospects by look-alike campaign.
  • Podcast Advertising: allows you to determine where to advertise based on Age, Demographic, Interest & so on.
  • Secondary SEO: referenced or included in the websites that already rank well on search engines for a particular keyword.

b) Middle & Bottom of the funnel tactics:

  • Use Blog Content to nurture new prospects: Take your best & most helpful content & include it in the onboarding emails.
  • Add urgency through deadlines, limited quantity or timing
  • Implement concierge onboarding: is a method in which help & guide your potential customers to purchase your product & service.

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