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Lead Generation Company In Bangalore

A lead is any person who shows interest in a company or its products/services. Leads are generated when a user fills out a contact form or any kind of form on a site to indicate that they are interested and/are potential customers. Leads can be business leads, inbound leads, sales leads, and/or B2B leads. We can help you overcome this challenge with our lead generation company in Bangalore. Many companies are having a shortage of customers – repeat or new, trouble generating new customers consistently, or generating quality leads that convert. If you too are facing this problem, then you are not alone, as 63% of marketers consider lead generation as their biggest challenge. 

While traditional methods of marketing and advertising have their limits, online lead generation has a wider scope where you invest time and effort and get long-term results & return on investment.

Defining lead generation

Lead generation is a process of bringing in people to your website or a landing page and convincing them to share their contact information in exchange for information on products or services. It is not limited to consumers, it can also be a candidate interested in applying for a job. 

Like any other marketing ways, it involves strategies and specific processes to gain relevant results. Some of the platforms where lead generation is used are – 

  • Facebook 
  • Youtube
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • PPC
  • Websites
  • Landing pages

Lead generation for any business depends on their niche, audience persona, audience location, business goals, and objectives. It’s critical to choose the right platform before proceeding to execute the strategies and the process. Once you generate leads, lead nurturing comes into play and maintains the relationship with the leads and builds trust & loyalty.

Lead Generation Services

Buying leads vs generating them

  • Many marketers and lead generation companies give in to the temptation of buying email lists and contact lists for lead generation because they are easier, quicker, and take less effort. 

    Here’s the scenario that plays out when you buy leads rather than generate them –

    Your ad or your message will reach out to people who don’t know you. To those who never visited your site, interact with your brand in any way, you’ll come across as creepy, spammy, and be looked at only as an interruption. Chances are, they won’t even take the time to know why you’re reaching out to them because you are a stranger. You will be blocked, reported as spam, and basically just shut out. 

    Once many people mark you as spam, you are earning the reputation for being spam or worse, a scam. Too many people marking you as spam lead you to be blacklisted. There is no going back or hopping off from being blacklisted. Maybe buying leads may get you only a handful of potential customers but it also gets you double the handful of negative reviews, feedback, and reputation. 

    On the other hand, generating leads through marketing efforts have no backfires, no negative feedback or reviews, and no blacklisting. You are simply reconnecting with people who interacted or indicated an interest in your products. They are more likely to feel attacked and willingly visit your site, check out your products, and become a paying customer without feeling cornered. So earning leads is the right way to go forward.

Lead generation Company

How Lead Generation Works

The lead generation process involves the following steps – 

  • Driving quality traffic to your site 
  • Convince the visitors to share their contact info. 

The best way to drive traffic is by marketing high-quality content – in the form of blog posts, social media posts, videos, etc. High-quality blogs have been proven to drive quality traffic to a website, earn quality backlinks, improve domain authority, and bring in a high density of leads. 

The next step, a crucial and delicate step is to get the leads’ contact information. This involves displaying contact forms on your webpage. If you’re providing quality content that people are interested to engage with, then you’re halfway there. People will willingly give their contact info. 

Most marketers face the problem in the second step of the lead generation process. Our unique and strategic approach ensures that leads convert to your site.

Benefits of Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation can help you grow your business. Today, it’s not about surviving, but about thriving in this competitive industry. Your business needs digital marketing strategies like a lead generation to nurture growth and generate a good flow of revenue. 

  • Gather a good following – The tools and methods used in lead generation can expand your following or audience base. Social media is the biggest platform where you can reach thousands of people and amass large followers. Not just social media, even though content marketing strategies like creating and promoting blogs with the intent of generating leads, you can invite people to visit your site to find out more about your brand. 

It’s a cycle of good returns – with lead generation, you are gathering more followers and expanding your audience base. In turn with a good following, you are generating quality leads. Though it takes time to build your audience base, it’s worth a shot in the long run. 

  • Expanding brand awareness – By marketing and advertising your products, you are reaching out to your customers, you are carrying your brand with you, and providing resources for people to get to know your brand. By using the platforms for lead generation, you are establishing your brand’s presence in the market and its purpose. 

Social media with Facebook lead generation campaigns is one of the best platforms for lead generation. With ad campaigns & lead generation campaigns, and executing the strategies, your brand is reaching out to a wide audience and creating interest. They are not just learning about your company’s name. They are also learning about what you do, what sets you apart from the competitors, what type of services you provide, what they can benefit from your brand, and your company’s qualities. To maintain that exposure, curiosity, and level of awareness, consistency is the key. 

  • Triple your revenue – The main point of lead generation is to increase your revenue. More leads = more customers. And more customers = profit, therefore drive your business growth. Businesses that use lead generation are more likely to generate 10x sales and revenue by turning leads into full-fledged customers. Local lead generation helps you attract leads from your locality which can be beneficial for small businesses who are not operating on a global scale.
  • Converts website traffic – Did you know that 98% of people who visit your website don’t visit it twice? With lead generation, you can convert that traffic into warm leads and further into payable customers. Warm leads are those people who have enquired about your products or requested a quote. By providing the right content, you can convince them into becoming your customer. 
  • More business opportunities – Using lead generation strategies can help you find business opportunities by connecting you to different people and bring referrals. You’d be building relationships with potential clients which can strengthen your marketing investment. Using LinkedIn as a lead generating platform is an excellent example. Over 30 million companies have profiles on LinkedIn*. You could reach out to companies who might be in need of your services or products. As the best B2B marketing platform, LinkedIn provides countless opportunities for networking and lead generation. 
  • Smooth sail in the sales funnels – One of the important strategies in lead generation is content marketing. And by using the right content for every stage in the sales funnel, you are ensuring that the leads sail all the way through the funnel smoothly. 

The top of the funnel is the most important part and it’s crucial to provide useful information to the prospect to nudge them toward the next stage. 

The next stage involves learning about the prospects’ biggest concerns and providing personalized drip-campaigns. 

The final stage of the funnel involves providing rewards, exclusives, loyalty points, and so on. Lead generation techniques ensure that your prospects see the end of the funnel and come out as happy customers. 

  • Personalization – You would be collecting important information about your prospects that could help you customize your products or services, customize the prospect’s journey and their experience with your brand. The information also allows you to customize the messages and customer service which will enable greater conversion and gaining more customers. Personalization plays an important role in nurturing the leads and keeping them engaged with your brand.

Online lead generation Services In Bangalore

Inbound lead generation – It is a process of bringing in people to your website and converting them to leads by making your brand more discoverable through content marketing, Call-To-Action, and campaigns. In exchange for valuable content contact information is provided by the prospects. 

Inbound lead generation is one of the most successful ways of generating leads where your prospects come to you. With effective SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and link building, we help you generate quality inbound leads. Contact us to know more.

Outbound lead generation – In contrast to visitors coming to you, you reach out to them in outbound marketing. The common techniques involved here are direct emails, guest posting or blogging, Facebook lead generation campaigns, display advertising, and cold calling. While cold calling may not always work, outbound lead generation can be successful when done with a touch of personalization and authenticity.

B2B Lead Generation Services In Bangalore

B2B lead generation services is all about marketing to other businesses who would be interested in your products or services. By far the most effective model, B2B lead generation brings the most qualified leads to your site. The ideal platform for B2B lead generation is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn users have twice the buying power than the average web audience*. With B2B marketing, we can help you connect with prospective businesses and partners so as to strengthen your presence in the market. If you are a small business owner, B2B lead generation and LinkedIn lead generation can help you scale new heights in the market. And we take pride in helping small businesses!

Lead generation Services

Why WEB I7 is the Best Lead Generation Agency in Bangalore

  1. Webi7 has been regarded as the Digital consultant of the year in 2019 by the CEO Magazine and Creative Company of the year 2020. Our strong work ethics and innovative strategies have enabled us to earn a good relationship with our clients who are satisfied with our services.

    The first step in our marketing management and lead generation process involves understanding our clients’ business model, their audience type, and the nature of their products. We then use specific strategies that work for their business model and execute them using the right platform. We also use lead nurturing and lead tracking. 

    With our lead generation strategies and lead management, you will get – 

    • Higher ROI
    • Highly-qualified leads
    • Sales qualified leads
    • Warm leads
    • Generate 10x revenue
    • Get brand recognition

Lead generation Company FAQ's

Will I get more customers after lead generation ?

Lead generation can bring you more prospects from different sources and it is especially beneficial in the sales funnel. The purpose of lead generation is to get more quality leads that convert. With the right methods and execution of strategies, you will see good results in a short time. If you’re just starting out, lead generation can not only bring in valuable prospects, but also expand brand awareness, network with potential business leads, and gather a good following

What next after lead generation ?

It’s important to keep the leads interested in your brand, so lead nurturing comes into play. Lead nurturing is the process of reinforcing and developing relationships with the leads at every stage in the sales funnel. MarketingSherpa reports that almost 80% of new leads never wind up making a purchase at all. That makes lead nurturing very important and we use it to its full potential.

How soon can you generate leads?

It depends on your business model, platform, techniques, planning, and execution. On social media, it’s quite easy to generate leads because the audience is quite large and diverse. Depending on the type of products you sell and your ideal audience, generating leads on social media may take up to 1-3 weeks. On Google and other search engines with display ads, allow up to a month to generate quality and quantity leads.

How do you generate leads ?

We use many techniques that are tailored according to your business models – we use inbound, outbound, and B2B lead generation techniques. The first step is to create interest and demand centered around your brand and bring traffic to your site. The next step is to convince the prospects to share their contact information in exchange for valuable content or take action with call-to-action buttons

How do you target people?

We target people based on many metrics like location, age, gender, profession, interest, etc. You cannot acquire tangible results by targeting everyone. Besides, it’s a waste of resources and budget draining. But by targeting a specific audience, you are reaching out to prospects who are already interested in your brand. The key lies in identifying the correct target audience. We create an ideal buyer persona for your business and carry out the process accordingly.

Can you do lead generation with out cold calling ?

Yes, we can generate leads without cold calling. Cold-calling is often frowned upon by the customers and is not effective in reaching them. We use other lead generation techniques that are more professional and effective. In inbound lead generation, we use social media like LinkedIn to get quality, relevant leads. LinkedIn users have more buying power than any other social media users so it is a powerful tool in B2B lead generation.

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