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Application development is the process of creating a set of programs for computers and/or mobiles to make navigation through different actions easier and perform complex tasks required for a business. We are a Mobile App Development Service provider Company in Bangalore. Commonly known as app development, it is a long, complex process that requires coding & programming, gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, integrating, and implementing. 

Apps serve an important purpose in providing the best user experience and managing tasks easier. Whatever task it may be, paying online, booking a cab, video-calling, online shopping, ordering products – apps make it simpler and quicker, that would otherwise become arduous on websites. 

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly common with more and more companies seeking app developers to design an app for their business. Technology today has transformed the way we carry out our daily activities and the way we run a business, putting convenience and efficiency at the forefront of customer service. Mobile apps can be an IOS or Android and a hybrid app, depending on the company’s kind of business. 

Do you have an idea for an app? Let’s transform that idea into a reality! We are a leading Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore India.

mobile app development company in bangalore


Mobile App Development Service

Android app development companies in Bangalore

Android has a greater user base with 86.8% global market share and 75% of app users are Android users. Android Apps offer excellent user experience and are thriving everywhere today. Android app development is cost-effective and the software development kit is readily available for developers. 

The entire process of developing android apps is overall budget-friendly and with that cost, you can reach an audience globally, giving you a better return on ROI than the Apple apps. 

Android apps are easily customizable and versatile which allows plenty of space for innovation. Upcoming technologies like AR and VR can be integrated with Android apps and given the wide scope, developers can use many other tools and technologies to target a specific audience. 

ios app development companies in bangalore

iOS apps hold a firm grip among their users as their performance and quality are unmatched by Android apps. The high-quality and revenue-generating iOS apps have attracted many businesses, even small enterprises and start-ups to use them. And all the iOS apps are incomplete until they pass the Apple’s play store high-standard tests. 

Though the customer base is larger for Android apps users, it is stronger and loyal for iOS apps users as they swear by its performance and user experience. Once you switch to iOS, you will never go to Android! And Apple apps are suitable for all kinds of business needs irrespective of their size. 

iPhone apps are known for their high security and protection firmware and software, so there is almost no room for hacking and malware. Developing iOS apps take 28% less time than Android apps and guarantee greater visibility in the market. 

mobile apps development companies in bangalore
Android app development companies in Bangalore

React Native Apps

Some of the famous apps built with React Native are Facebook ads manager, AirBnB, Myntra, Bloomberg, and Instagram. 

So what’s great about React Native apps?

Their high performance makes them the best kind of apps for user experience and usability in general. React Native apps widens reach as it targets both Android and iOs users at the same time. 

Some of the benefits of using React Native apps are – 

  • Has a modular and intuitive architecture 
  • Has simple user interface
  • Stability in performance 
  • Strong and high performance for mobile uses

Xamarin Apps

Xamarin is a software company and a development platform that aims to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2016.

Xamarin apps are quite popular and have a strong customer base with many prestigious companies like Bosch, Siemens, Slack and Pinterest using its technology. Given this customer base, it proves the apps’ reliability and efficiency.

One of the biggest advantages of Xamarin app development is the cross-platform development features that allow developers to create code once and use it across all three platforms without impairing the app’s performance.

Another advantage is that Xamarin has full access to native APIs and toolkits used for Android, iOS and Windows.

Xamarin apps are easy to maintain and cost-efficient. They provide native user experience as they use specific UI elements for Android and iOS apps.

Mobile App Development Bangalore
ios app development companies in bangalore

Ionic Apps

It is used for hybrid apps for all three platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows phone. Ionic apps include mobile components, typography, interactive features and theme

Mobile App Development Service


Access anywhere, anytime

Apps make it convenient for users to have easy access to updates, information, products or services and complete any task anytime. Apps make navigation from one task to another easier unlike on websites where you have to wait for the page to load, and it can still be hard to complete a task once it does load.  

Companies can also send notifications, updates, and other new information easily through apps. Since you have to create an account to use an app, you would be getting the updates through notifications and never miss out on an offer or a deal. 

Best of user experience in the apps

It’s a relief for users to navigate through tasks and complete them using apps rather than websites because it simply provides a better user experience. 

Take for example. Using the website, you would have to wait for each page to load every time you wanted to open a different message or a profile or a notification. And it can be frustrating. And liking a post can be daunting as it loads into a new page every single time you like or comment. Some features don’t function well on websites. 

But with the Facebook app, you can simply navigate through each page with a click and have it ready in less than a second. You can go back to the previous page easily, like or comment easily. The user experience is smooth and free of frustration. 

Easy and hassle-free mobile payments

Online payments have never been more convenient and simple with apps. You can simply link your bank account, or add a card to make a payment. You don’t have to run around looking for ATMs to withdraw any money as you don’t need cash with payment apps. Just click, click, click, and it is done within a few seconds.

Payment apps are secure and easy to use for anybody. It is especially useful in remote areas where there might not be an ATM or bank facilities. 

Fast, simple, & easy to use

Performing even complex tasks can be quick and easy. It’s easy to identify pages on apps with icons. With just a click, users can open a different part to search for something or complete a task. There are no age limits to use apps as there are designed in a way that anyone can use. Most apps don’t need a language to explain something as it can be done with icons. So it is quite convenient for illiterate people and blind people.

Higher Customer engagement

Because apps provide a smooth user experience, they see more engagement than websites. The simple and easy use of apps makes the user more involved in its purpose and function and makes them spend more time on it.

After all, customer engagement is very important because it means customers find your business useful or entertaining. High engagement keeps the business running. And apps not only give higher engagement but also strengthen it. 

Stand out from the competition

While it is not common for small businesses to develop apps, it can be beneficial to them as it makes their services better in terms of user experience and brand presentation. It’s a distinguishing feature of any brand to have an app for their customers. And by standing out, they are likely to get more customers and conversions.

Inform users of new products and offers in real time

The notification system built within apps inform users immediately about the new products, offers or sale in real time. And with just one click, users can open the notification and be directed to the relevant landing page. This feature is especially convenient for e-commerce apps. 


Are you an e-commerce company looking for a way to make a high number of sales?

Are you a delivery service looking for a way to provide the best and easy customer service? 

Are you a transport company trying to sell out tickets?

Are you having trouble doing all that with just a website?

Well, you need an app.

Webi7 is one of the best Mobile apps development companies in Bangalore

app development

If you are not convinced, here are X reasons why you need an app for your business –

  1. It helps convert leads more than advertisements or other marketing tactics. Users that click on an ad that directs them to a landing page may not complete making a purchase because they probably did not find what they were looking for, the site did not load properly, they could make a payment easily, or because they found the site too complicated to navigate through.
    So apps make all processes in the sales funnel easy and smooth. With apps, your customers can make a purchase easily and you get more leads that convert and make among Best App Development Companies in Bangalore.
  2. Easy payments – Many times, customers complain that they do not trust a site to make a payment and that it is a long, complicated process. So with apps, payment can be made easily and quickly without any errors or risks.
  3. Better customer service – providing excellent customer service has many benefits. To begin with, it improves loyalty to your brand, increases your brand awareness as people who are satisfied with customer service of a brand tend to share with their friends and family, improves the credibility of your brand, builds a good reputation, and keeps the old customers coming back to you. With apps, you can provide great customer services.
  4. Provide better user experience – We need to solve real-world problems and one of them is bad user-experience. A problem that can drive away your customers and they may never come back. To understand how it affects, let’s take an example –
    You are a video-hosting company where people can come online to take part in a conversation, attained online workshops or recreational classes. But it is all done through a website.
    • Problem 1 – they have trouble logging in. Even after logging in, they are not directed to their respective profile. 
    • Problem 2 – they are able to schedule classes, or meetings, or videos easily. They have to go through different pages that make the process very complicated. The pages are not organized as well.
    • Problem 3 – When the video is scheduled and running, there is no option for turning off video and audio, no option for turning the camera to the other side. Even if there is, it will open into a new page and the user could miss out on something.
      Finally, the users decide to call it quits and just opt for another service with an app. Do you really want to put your customers through all that hardships? Then having an app is the answer. Apps make all sorts of processes and completion of tasks easier, and makes the user experience a breeze!
  5. More engagement – Apps are a platform for generating the highest engagement. Take social media apps for example. It’s amazing how they have got the users hooked to the apps. That’s because the engagement level is quite high. If the social media networks were operated on websites, then the engagement level wouldn’t be so high. If your business had an app, you would be creating more engagement and as a result gain more customers, both new and old. Apps keep your business going!
android app development


The benefits of investing in a Mobile App Development Service with Web i7’s services in Best App Development Companies in Bangalore

We are app developing nerds!

We are more than just another app development and digital marketing agency in Bangalore. We are a trusted collaborator and a partner who is always looking forward to bringing success for our clients. Their happiness is our happiness.  

We begin by researching your industry and what your customers would want from you. We then devise a strategic development based on your requirements and needs. 

We develop custom apps with visually-pleasing designs that don’t hinder user-experience. 

We deliver projects within the stipulated time. We will keep you updated on the process so that you will not be left cliff-hanging. We are with our customers till the end and Best App Development Companies in Bangalore. 

We help you build loyal customers with mobile customer loyalty programs.

We perfect the app in all the areas of its functions and test it before presenting to our clients. 

We offer customer service & support – 24×7 contact us now


Is a mobile app necessary for my business?

While having a mobile app for your business can be quite beneficial, it may not always be necessary. It depends on what kind of business you run. If you run a food ordering service, then an app can definitely be helpful for your business. If you run a clothing store that has many locations, then an app could generate more sales for your business and acquire more visibility in the market. We are best Mobile App Development Service provider.

Usually, mobile apps are ideal for industries like gaming, food, delivery and transport. But if you are not sure if your business needs an app

How long will it take to build an app?

It takes at least 4-6 months to build an app. Once it is developed, we test it several times so that its functions, performance and usability is perfect without any complications. No app can be built in less than 4 months. It also depends on the complexity of apps – some complex apps with a lot of functionalities can take up to nine months to develop and launch. 

Which is better android or IOS app?

Android apps have a larger user base than iOS apps and are quite easy to use as well. But iOS apps are compatible with any business use and business needs and have a better performance rate than Android apps. And the security is also quite high in iOS. 

It all comes to your business needs and target audience. If your audience is more centered around Android, then go with Android apps. However, you have options for both where the apps can be developed to be compatible with both Android and iOS. 

Contact us for any kind of app needs and we will devise a successful project within the stipulated time.

Will the app have all the features from my websites?

Yes, and it will have even more with better navigation and user experience. We can customize the features according to your needs and business requirements. Features on the websites can be limited but with apps, there are countless opportunities and scope for innovation. 

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