Paid Per Click is a method of paid advertising where advertisers are charged some amount every time their ad is clicked and we are one of the best PPC Agency in Bangalore

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The ads may appear on top of the search engine results page when a user searches for a product or service. Even when they search for a company, for example, digital marketing company in Bangalore, PPC Agency in Bangalore ,an ad may appear with the company’s name.

Unlike organic search and traffic, PPC drives paid search and traffic to your site. The ads can be displayed in Google, social media and/or Bing. 

The different format of PPC involves – 

  • Search ads
  • Shopping ads 
  • Gmail ads
  • Social media ads
  • Display ads
  • Videos ads

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Types of Google PPC Advertising

The type of PPC ads to choose from depends on your goals and influences where you audience will see them. We are one of the best PPC Agency in Bangalore & different types of Google PPC ad campaigns include under our services –

Search Campaigns

This is the one that is available on Google Ads and can help drive more traffic to your site, get more leads and sales. They appear only when a user searches for related products or services.

Display Campaigns

These ads are displayed on various websites and can be in the form of text, images or videos.

Shopping Campaigns

They contain rich information on products, best deals and offers and are usually directed to a landing page where users can make a purchase. They appear on Google search results, Youtube, Gmail, social media etc.

Video Campaigns

These are quite popular and may appear when you’re watching a video on Youtube, listening to music on music apps like Gaana, Spotify, etc. they are sometimes non-skippable. 

App Campaigns

They appear when on your mobile apps when you’re playing a game, or watching a video. 

How PPC works

The ads are displayed only when a search engine user searches relevant for products or services, places, companies, etc on a search engine. But the search engine cannot guarantee that your ad will be displayed on the top of all other ads. So here is how PPC works – 

You select an advertising platform to create and display ads – it can be Google, Bing, social media or any other online platforms, even mobile apps.

  1. You create an ad.
  2. You select the right targets keywords, audience and locations.
  3. Set a cost you are willing to pay for the keywords and bid on them.
  4. The ad you just created goes into the auction with other ads for similar or same keywords.
  5. The auction will determine in which order your ad will be shown.
  6. When a search engine user clicks on your ad, you pay for that click.

However, your ads may not be displayed more prominently than your competitors even if you pay more for a target keyword as ads are subject to ad auctions. Ad auctions are Google and other search engine’s automatic process that determines if your ad is relevant to the user’s search query on the SERPs. 

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Our PPC services in Bangalore

As the best PPC company in Bangalore, we provide customised PPC services that are tailored according to your business’s immediate requirements. We ensure that our PPC services deliver quality leads and measurable results. We are best PPC Agency in Bangalore.

  • Targeted ad campaigns

  • Social Media Advertising

  • PPC audit and analysis.

  • Search Advertising

  • Display Advertising

  • E-commerce Advertising

  • Conversion Optimisation

Benefits of PPC 

Best PPC Agency in Bangalore

Unlike SEO which is a slow and steady process, PPC gets you quick and measurable results. But SEO and PPC together drive even better and faster results. 

  • Can advertise on many platforms – PPC ads are limited on to Google. They can be displayed and promoted on social media and mobile apps as well. That way, there is an unlimited reach and brand awareness across many platforms so that you can get quality leads from different sources.
  • Helps small businesses and start-ups – PPC can give your small company or a fresh company the kick-start needed to run the business. It can provide you with the much-needed exposure, awareness and traffic that are required to keep customers pouring in. Moreover, it can attract local customers which can be hard with traditional methods of marketing and through organic traffic.
  • Higher conversion – PPC traffic is more likely to convert than organic traffic because you will be present at the top when potential customers look for products or services or companies related to your business. It’s a known fact that search traffic is more likely to convert than any other source of traffic. It’s like going into a store and immediately finding what you are looking for. 

Besides, you get the first look and customers are likely to click on results that appear on the top. With PPC, your brand would be displayed on top or the first page of SERPs. Also, you would be getting a higher ROI . We are PPC Agency in Bangalore 

  • Reach out to potential customers directly – When your ad is displayed on the SERPs, you are reaching out to potential customers directly. According to a recent study,65% of users who want to purchase something online click on ads. And 75% of users visit the physical store if they find it on the same day they search.

What’s more important is that PPC can attract local customers, not just any audience. So you could be driving potential customers from around your locality and get the desired conversions as well. 

Best PPC Agency in Bangalore

  • Allows specific targeting at the right time – You could be reaching out to potential customers right when they need your products or services. Most of them when they are searching are ready to make a purchase, and with PPC, you can pull them to your site. PPC can be used based on many metrics for targeting specific locations. So you can promote ads in a particular region and reach out to potential customers around your shop’s locality. 

PPC on Facebook can be very beneficial for your business as the platform allows specific targeting at a specific time, giving a range of opportunities for the growth of the business. That way, you would be generating more revenue. 

  • Measurable ROI – You can calculate how much each conversion costs you, how many people saw and clicked on your ad, measure impressions to conversions, how many people performed the desired action on your landing page, and more. So being able to measure all these metrics and earn money by getting quality leads make PPC one of the most opted marketing strategies for a business.
  • Increases exposure to your brand – Because you would be getting the first look with PPC campaigns and management, it increases the chances of people discovering your brand or your business. Getting the first look on the first page of Google or any search results page is coveted and with PPC, you can get it all.
  • Has immediate effect –  With PPC, you don’t have to wait to get to the top in the SERPs unlike with SEO or any other type of online marketing. As soon as your ad is launched, it will be displayed on the SERPs or social media immediately. But with SEO which depends on algorithms, it takes time to drive traffic and requires consistent efforts. PPC can immediately drive traffic to your site and kickstart your business for many days at a stretch. 
  • Can advertise locally or globally – Because there are specific metrics available on PPC platforms with which you can target, you can choose to advertise locally or globally. If you have a physical store and want to attract the local customers, you can simply use a PPC campaign set to target the local customers to your advantage.

It works wonders for small business owners. You can also target customers globally and advertise anywhere in the world on the web and social media. It’s the biggest advantage of PPC ad campaigns. 

  • Compete with larger business – There are probably 50 business similar to your and some of them are to compete with, beat them to rank #1 on the SERPs with SEO or other digital marketing that drives organic traffic. Some of the businesses are quite large and almost always on the top of the SERPs. Your business could be shadowed by them and to be more visible, PPC can be the right option for you. It may put your business before the big brands and help steal some of the customers.

Benefits of a Google PPC Advertising/Branding Campaign

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Google Adwords is one of the best platforms for PPC and branding campaigns because it can help businesses of all sizes and for all kinds of budgets. It also allows you to target based on many metrics to achieve the desired results. 

When it comes to Google AdWords, leveraging these benefits can help widen the scope for your business – 

  • Tackle Intent – The best thing about Google AdWords is that it caters to the audience based on the search intent. Exactly to their requirements. People look for brands, products or services or search for anything using Google. Even if they come across an ad, it will be helpful for their search intent because they are looking for anything to solve their problem.

But on other platforms like social media, they are not looking to be advertised because social media is a platform for entertainment and to keep in touch with family and friends. They will turn away when they come across an ad. So advertising on social media does not serve the search intent well. Google AdWords beats all other platforms for advertising and branding campaigns.

Search intent is very important in digital marketing because it makes the strategies run effectively. We run ad campaigns and SEO campaigns keeping the search intent in mind so that our services are effective and not lost in the SERPs.

  • Remarketing with best deals and offers – Suppose a user visited your website to make a purchase and added items to their cart. But then they leave without completing the purchase. This is where remarketing comes in. Remarketing ads are displayed to the user who just abandoned their cart. They are provided with best deals and offers like 15% off, free shipping, buy one get one free, etc.

With Google AdWords, the remarketing ads can be customised according to the interaction of the user with your website. That way, Google AdWords can influence people in the sales funnel. 

PPC Agency in Bangalore

  • Controlled spend – Once you advertise, you would be paying only when a user clicks on your ad. So there is no wastage of your budget where you spend a fortune and get no leads. That’s why it’s called Pay Per Clicks. It’s also not so expensive to bid on target keywords to run an ad. You can control the amount you spend based on your requirements. And the amount charged for each click is also quite low. Considering all these factors, it’s worth investing in PPC for your business.
  • Increase reach with RLSA – Google AdWords allows advertisers to choose a broad range of keywords. Advertisers usually pick a specific keyword or phrase to serve a particular keyword. But with AdWords’ RLSA feature, advertisers can choose from a broad match of keywords, therefore broadening the search query of the users around your products or your business. They would be reaching an ever wider and larger audience.
  • Immune to Google’s algorithms – Unlike SEO which relies on Google’s algorithm to perform well, PPC is unaffected by it, making it one of the most successful campaigns in digital marketing. You don’t have to worry about Google interfering with your business goals and objectives. PPC will always be displayed on the top of the SERPs page, if not, on the first page, regardless of how the campaign is run or follows best practice for rankings. PPC does not depend on guidelines and rules for rankings. 
  • Create campaigns based on demographics – With Google AdWords, you can target a specific age group of people, gender, profession, and in a specific location. For example, you are a steel dealer company and have started using AdWords to promote ads. You are mainly looking for builders, construction companies to target. You observe that most of your audience are in the age group of 20-30 or even less.

Now that’s not the age group you want to target. So you can eliminate that age group and improve the target audience later. So with AdWords demographics, you can leverage its benefits to make the most out of your ad campaigns.

Our Google Ads Campaign Management Process

PPC Agency in Bangalore

Before we begin our work, we understand in-depth our client’s needs and requirements for the growth of their business in the long-run. We understand what exactly they need and analyse their current business situation before proceeding with our services. 

Our ad campaign process starts at – 

  1. Working out a budget for ad campaigns and the length to be carried out for the campaigns. (weekly and monthly basis). We highly value your budget like our own!
  2. In-depth research about their ideal audience and market to a specific group. If targeting globally suits our clients, we go ahead with it. 
  3. We then proceed with choosing the right platform for the ad campaigns
  4. Create high-quality ads with reasonable bids that provide the best user experience. 
  5. Refining the landing pages
  6. We decide on the type of ads that work best for you – search or display ads.
  7. We ensure that you rank for your desired target keywords and get the desired quality leads that convert. We use many tactics to make sure that your customers convert and get the desired results.
PPC Agency in Bangalore india


Where can I advertise PPC ads?

There are many online channels to advertise – 

  • Social media
  • Google
  • Third-party websites
  • Mobile apps. 

Researching your audience can give you an idea on which platform can deliver valuable results for your business with PPC. If your audience uses Facebook more than Instagram or Twitter, then advertising with PPC on Facebook is ideal. 

Similarly, if you are targeting everyone in general, given your products can be used by anybody, then advertising on Google and social media as well can work wonders. Knowing where your audience is most concentrated on can help you determine the best platform for advertising with PPC. 

Do people really click on PPC ads?

Yes, they do. Otherwise, PPC wouldn’t be so popular and used widely by so many companies. It is a given fact that ads that appear on the search results get 45% more clicks than organic clicks (non-paid/non-ad clicks). 

And people who click on the ads are more likely to make a purchase on your site than organic visitors. Given the reach and targeting methods for PPC, it is quite beneficial in getting quality leads and conversions.

What businesses can advertise with PPC?

Any business can use PPC. But not all businesses may benefit from it because their audience may not be using search engines to find their products. There are no restrictions or boundaries. 

Businesses that have physical stores can benefit more from PPC than stores that have only online presence. For example, restaurants, clothing stores, dentists, clinics, law firms, marketing & advertising agencies, and brick & mortar stores can benefit from PPC. 

Even online stores like Myntra and Ajio use PPC and they get quite good results with it. So any kind of business can advertise with PPC but consulting with this best advertising agency in Bangalore can give a clear answer if PPC is right for them and how it can help their business.  

How often should I run PPC campaigns?

There are no limits to how often you can run PPC campaigns but advertising at all times may not be beneficial and can drain your wallet. Most companies advertise around the holidays, when it’s the season, and when needed. Only 36% of small companies advertise consistently. 

No matter how often you advertise with PPC, they need to be constantly checked at least weekly to ensure that they are getting the desired results. 

If you have trouble running PPC campaigns or have trouble keeping it steady, then we are just a call away! Contact us now for a free consultation for all your marketing and advertising needs!

How much does a PPC ad campaign cost?

It depends on factors like bidding, auctions, competition, ad quality, targeting, etc. Depending on the keywords you wish to target, they can cost a minimum of 20-100 Rs. However, focusing only on low-cost ads with poor quality can go waste because they may not work well. So focus on providing high-quality ads with good user experience.