Online press release services

Online press release services

Do you ever wonder how you’re going to get exposure for your brand? Or for your new product launch? Or to celebrate your latest achievements and milestones? Do you worry about how you’re going to get press coverage and connect with journalists? Well, Webi7 Digital Media is here to help you! We help brands connect with journalists and influencers to promote fluid communication through our engaging content and content marketing. We believe that stories through words can have a stronger impact than advertising. We believe in the power of the voice on online media and the mass media

We dive deep into your audience’s persona, their thoughts, their needs, and their wants. And they want content they can engage in without the distractions from promotions and ads bombed everywhere. We can create the content they want that also carries your brand’s essence, values, and messages to the public. 

We believe in the power of online press releases. Do you? Then get in touch with us and we will launch the best press release for your brand. 

Online press release services

Why Webi7’s Press Release?

We connect with the best journalists, bloggers and influencers to get you the best exposure and ensure fluid communication. 

We understand the importance of presentation and reputation from the start, so we offer expertise in Press Release and media relations. 

We start by understanding about your market, your business niche, how it functions, how people interact with your business, your audience, and more so that we can understand what works best for your brand. 

Our content marketing game is quite strong, so we can create powerful media releases that make a big impact. 

Online press release services in bangalore

Why do you need online press release services?

Press releases have changed quite exponentially over the last couple of decades. How people engage with it has also changed. Now that everything is available online, press releases have gone digital too. Online press releases can reach upto thousands, if not millions of people on the internet and make a significant impact on how they perceive your brand. 

Here are the reasons why you need a press release – 

  • Exposure – Online press release can exponentially increase exposure to your brand or its products/services. Press releases have the potential of reaching a wide loyal customer base and it’s the most trusted form of content. With press releases, you have a better chance of getting exposure than online advertisements or other forms of marketing. 
  • Brand awareness – since press have a wide customer base, more people will come to learn about your brand and what you can offer them. 
  • Drives interest – 
  • Expands public knowledge
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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