Growth Marketing Services In Bangalore.

Growth Marketing AKA Growth hacking is an integrated approach for growing your business and optimizing your content marketing efforts through constant testing across digital channels achieving faster results than conventional methods. Growth marketing is rapid testing and experimenting with other marketing channels and product development that detect the best reliable, efficient means to grow your company. Scale your business with our growth marketing services in Bangalore.

Growth hacking pertains to a set of both traditional and modern marketing techniques which triggers rapid growth for a business. Growth performance marketers, engineers, and product managers particularly focus on creating and engaging a customer base, normally by focusing on low-cost alternatives to conventional marketing (Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Quora marketing, viral marketing). Combining most effective techniques and best strategies with (low cost) rapid implementation allows a company to maximize gains and quickly identify the best yielding solutions for thriving growth.

Growth marketing teams are responsible for

  • Determining areas to test and improve upon
  • Developing and designing experiments to optimize the identified processes
  • Conducting experiments to test hypothesized improvements
  • Analyzing results and conducting further experimentation as needed

The seeds of growth marketing must be planted in the customer discovery process.

Customer discovery is exactly as it sounds: discovering who is having the problem that your product can best solve, also known as product/market fit. Author and entrepreneur Steve Blank argues, “No business plan survives first contact with customers.”

A deep understanding of who the customer is can also guide the growth marketing strategy to best address the goals of the company.

Growth marketing goes beyond the top of the funnel.

When done right, it adds value all the way through the marketing funnel by attracting users, engaging them, retaining them, and finally turning them into champions for your brand.

Growth Marketing Services in Bangalore

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