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Web development Companies in Bangalore

Are you in need of an online presence that not only looks dashing but also helps run your business smoothly? Are you looking for a way to grow your business? Then we provide the Web Development Companies in Bangalore! Let’s grow together! Your success is our success!

Websites are a gateway for any business, the first point of contact for any of your customers, and the best platform to create a lasting impression on them. 

So, do you have a website yet?

If not, contact us and we will build you a website that not only looks stunning but is optimized for SEO!


Web Development is a process that goes behind the scenes of creating and building awesome websites. A lot of elements go into web development. From creating graphics elements, developing each page, codes, content, images, information about the business, links, and more.

Today, a business can be considered legitimate only if they have a website. If you claim to be a company without a website, people will regard your company as a fake or a scam, unless you have a fully functioning legitimate physical store.

With a website, you could be present to your customers anywhere, anytime. Establishing an online presence is crucial for any business to thrive, not just survive. Physically, you can be discovered only when your store or business is open. The other half of the time when you’re closed, you could be missed by many customers. To make the most of the time, having an online presence enables you to be discovered 24 x7. Also, you can be selling your products and services online at any time, to anywhere. This is limited with physical stores.
The online world is vast with limitless space. And there are billions of internet and search engine users. So having your website put online can reach out to them anywhere. You can reach out to local customers as well who haven’t discovered you yet. You can be reaching out to customers anywhere in the world. But without a website, you are limited to only a handful of customers.
Investing in your website once it’s up and running can help you generate passive income in the long-run. While it may not deliver any tangible results in the short-term, it can still help you get the exposure needed to keep your business running and get you more leads and conversion. Once your website starts getting high traffic consistently, it’s possible to monetize that traffic and earn passive income. Even having a blogging website can be great for you. If you gather a good following for your blogs, then other companies may pay you a fee to write for their site. Another way to earn passive income is through affiliate marketing.
One of the most actionable benefits of having a website is being to discover how customers interact with your brand, how they perceive you and learn their behaviour pattern. Are they leaving your website without completing an action? If so, why? What kind of products are they looking for? Who are they? From where are they coming? What kind of products are they purchasing the most? All these questions can help you learn about your customers and improve your marketing ways to grow your website. Without our website, we wouldn’t have learnt what our customers expect from us and how they interact with our brand.
Having a safe and secure website can gain trust from the visitors. According to a survey in 2015, 65% of users said they found companies that had websites instead of just social media, more trustable. It also makes you look professional. If it wasn’t for our website, you wouldn’t have found us! Websites also spread awareness about your brand, with the help of digital marketing tactics like SEO. More people can discover you online when they are looking for certain products. And also when people buy from your physical store, they are likely to check out your website and purchase more in the future.
Websites can get you more leads than traditional methods of marketing and advertising because with websites comes digital marketing. When your website is optimised for ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), you will be getting the first look on Google or be displayed on the first page of Google results page. This triples the chances of users coming to your site and show interest in your brand. Not only that, there are other ways to promote your website which can increase lead generation – through consistent blogging, promoting on social media, emails, etc. Beat your competition – If you do not have a website, chances are your competitors have one. They are getting all the customers who could’ve been yours if you had a website. Feel like you’re missing out yet? If maintained well, your website could outrank your competitors and get more customers than they do. You could surpass them and outperform in all the areas of a business with your website.
People can come and interact with your brand on your website, engage with the content and come back for more once they leave. When they interact and engage with your site, customer relationships take shape which can be beneficial in building trust and loyalty in the long run. Customers favour brands they can easily interact and engage with over the ones that come across as cold.


Just having a website isn’t the endgame. A stagnant website gets you nowhere. So web development comes into play and keeps it running by regularly updating its functions. 

Benefits of web development and the benefits of having a website coincide with each other. With web development comes optimizing your website, adding more pages and elements to it, or even starting from scratch.

As the top web development company in Bangalore, we ensure your website is fully optimized for search and user experience.

Makes your site user-friendly

Your website needs to be easy for users. It has to load quickly, not break into advertisement pages, ask for any sort of personal information other than contact and email, and should provide relevant content. The user-friendliness also depends on how well the user can interact or engage with the website.

Quick page loading

Web development ensures that your site loads quickly. A fast loading site is also an indication of good user-experience.

As the Web development Companies in Bangalore, we ensure that your site is updated as per the latest trends and technology

Provides good user-experience

Web development plays an important role in providing a good user-experience which plays a big role in keeping your website alive. By focusing on the user’s needs and experience with your site, you are fostering a good rapport with your customers. Those who report a bad user experience with a site may never come back to it.

Ensures mobile-friendliness

A professional web developer makes mobile-friendliness their top priority. Because people look for information, content, products or whatever they want on their mobile phones and there is a growing number of mobile users around the world.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, a lot of customers could turn away from your site, never to return. So web development ensures that your website provides a good user experience on mobile as well on other devices.

Win with SEO

Integrating your site with SEO can greatly increase the chance of being found by the customers, increase the site’s rankings in the SERPs, rank your site for a particular keyword, and deliver a good user experience. SEO plays a critical role in bringing out the best performance of your website, a process which many web developers skip. We can not build you an amazing website, but also make it SEO-friendly

Easy navigation

Web development makes it easy for users to navigate through different pages of your website. When you go from one page to the other, for example, from the about us page to the products or services page, there has to be a smooth and quick delivery of the pages. And when you click on a link in the page, it has to open into another page either in the same tab or into a new one without any hassle. Web development ensures this. Even in e-commerce websites, easy navigation ensures that every visitor stays on the site and completes an action.


Implementing visual elements

A website that’s text-heavy is not as attractive and engaging as websites that have a lot of visual elements like eye-catchy images and videos. Explainer videos are the latest trend among many business sites and have shown to improve user engagement by 50%. And only a professional web designer or a web developer can implement visual elements on a website.



Our service range includes

E-commerce Web Development

  • Digital Goods Website
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website
  • Retails Ecommerce Website
  • Social Site Development
  • Custom ECommerce Development

Our Integration & Other Solutions

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS / Email Gateway Integration
  • API Development Solutions
  • SEO, SEM and PPC
  • Website Security & SSL Certificates
  • Hosting, Server & Cloud Solutions
  • Other Third-Party Integration


A static website is one with fixed content coded in CSS and HTML. It displays uniform information to every visitor and doesn’t change with user interaction. Static websites have a fixed number of web pages unless they are changed manually. 

A static website is delivered to the user exactly the way it is stored. When a server is requested on a web page, it delivers it to the client without doing any additional processing. 

Static websites are the most basic form of websites and are easy to create without any need for database design and programming.

A website with less than 3 pages can be a static website. With hundreds of pages, it will be difficult to maintain, hence it needs to be dynamic instead. The only kind of interactions that happen on static websites are hyperlinks.

Examples of static websites: About us pages, landing pages, and brochure sites of a company website.

Dynamic websites are those sites that have information that can be changed according to visitors, time, and other factors. Dynamic websites are interactive sites where users can create a profile, comment, or do other actions. Most of the pages or sites you visit are Dynamic. Some pages in a dynamic website can be static until it is updated by the developed. 

Dynamic websites are scripted using both client-side and server-side languages like Javascript, PHP, or ASP. Large websites are dynamic because they are easy to maintain and access information from a database. So if the content needs to be updated, the webmaster needs to just update a database record. This makes it easy for multiple users to alter the content without affecting the layout of the webpages.

Examples of dynamic websites: E-commerce sites, blogs, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

web designing company in bangalore

Which one to choose?

As one of the Top Web Development Companies in Bangalore, we can help you create the right kind of website according to your needs and requirements. There are many factors that influence your decision in choosing a static or dynamic website. 

If you’re looking to build a landing page with information, a blog site or a brochure site that will not change much, then you need a static website.

On the other hand, if you want to provide content to a specific group of people or target audience, or provide an option for users to log in to your website, want to expand and grow your site with multiple pages, or if multiple people are going to alter the content, then you need a dynamic website. 

Dynamic websites offer more possibilities than static ones but are more complex. So decide on the basis of what you expect from your website.

web development company in bangalore

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting (Unlimited Bandwidth & 6 GB RAM)
  • Company Emails (5)
  • Contact Forms
  • Premium Security (SSL)
  • Premium Theme
  • No. of Pages (5)
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Google Business Listing
  • Web Analytics
  • Support

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Best web development companies in Bangalore

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting (Unlimited Bandwidth & 6 GB RAM)
  • Company Emails (15)
  • Contact Forms
  • Premium Security (SSL)
  • Premium Theme
  • No. of Pages (10)
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Google Business Listing
  • Web Analytics
  • Speed Optimized
  • Copywriting (Up to 4 Pages)
  • Social Media Pages
  • Email Marketing Automation (up to 1000 subscribers)
  • Support

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web development services

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting (Unlimited Bandwidth & 6 GB RAM)
  • Company Emails (25)
  • Contact Forms
  • Premium Security (SSL)
  • Customized Premium Theme
  • No. of Pages (15)
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Google Business Listing
  • Web Analytics
  • Speed Optimized
  • Copywriting (Up to 10 Pages)
  • Social Media Pages
  • Email Marketing Automation (up to 2000 subscribers)
  • E-Commerce Functionalities
  • Live Chat Option
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium Support

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web development company in bangalore

How long will it take to design a website?

Depends on how complex or simple you want the site to be. Most simple web designs take about a week to be developed and designed. Complex websites like e-commerce sites need at least a month. 

It starts with planning, communicating with the client, choosing templates and themes, colors, buying a domain, adding visual elements, content, and finally testing the website for user experience, SEO, mobile-friendliness, performance. When it is perfected, it is then launched with consistent maintenance and marketing efforts.

What domain name should i use?

Domain names should always be relevant to your business. For example, we provide web development services and we have the word “web” in our domain name, which is relevant to what we do. Similarly, your domain name should be something that people can associate it with what you do. 

So that when searching for relevant business, your website may pop up on the search results page. Also, having a relevant domain name helps SEO and search engines to identify what kind of business you run.

Once the web is designed, what service do you provide?

It’s not just about designing a good website. It’s also, maintaining it, optimising it, and updating it often. Post web development, we provide SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, and PPC – Pay Per Click services for your website so that it performs well in the SERPs and gets good traffic. 

We also provide content marketing services that involve curating different forms of content like blogs, social media posts, articles, and videos. With good content marketing consistently, your website can get high traffic that is relevant and converts.

I already have a website. Can you help update it?

Yes, we can update it. We will add new features, new relevant pages, new content and optimise it with the latest SEO best practices. We also do website redesign and give your brand a new online look. Whatever your needs are, we can help you with them and deliver the right results that go beyond your expectations. 

Will i find my website on search engines?

Yes, you will, if it optimized for SEO. Websites can only be found on search engines if they optimized for the search engines in terms of quality, content, relevant keywords, technical SEO and others. We ensure that your website is not only found on the search engines but also ranks for your target keywords. We want our customers to be the best in their niche, so we ensure the same. 

What is the difference between static and dynamic website?

  • As their names suggest, static means something fixed or unmoved and dynamic is  ever-changing. The content on static websites is fixed, whereas it changes on dynamic websites. The content can be text, images, videos, etc.
  • Static websites use HTML so it loads faster, whereas dynamic websites are based on HTML    and CSS but use ASP or other server-side languages. They load slower because it takes more time to process.
  • Static websites are easy to build and take less time, whereas it is challenging to build dynamic ones because of their complexity.
  • Static websites are informational whereas dynamic websites are more interactive and functional. They are more versatile than static websites.
  • You don’t need any coding or programming knowledge to build a static website. Some basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, and notepad is enough but building a dynamic website requires a qualified developer and IDE, (Integrated Development Environment) which is a special editor.
  • The database is not used in static websites but used in dynamic websites for data redecorating.
  • Static sites in terms of delivery are pre-rendered pages that are cached and delivered through CDN (Content Delivery Network). Dynamic sites are delivered in real-time when requested by the server.
  • Static websites do not consist of any applications but dynamic websites consist of application programs for different services.
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