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Social media is a powerful tool in online marketing. Many companies have been successful while launching and promoting their products on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular platforms for B2B and B2C marketing. LinkedIn too is useful in networking and finding potential leads.  Over the last few years, social media marketing has evolved rapidly and has benefited many businesses, taking them to new heights. Social media marketing today is the king of digital marketing. With the inception of new technologies like AR and VR, the future of social media marketing seems even brighter. We provide Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – it is a strategy in digital marketing that focuses on optimizing your online presence on social media platforms. Social Media Agency In Bangalore involves – 

  • Creating visual content
  • Targeting a specific audience
  • Hashtag research
  • Promoting  your products through ad campaigns
  • Selling your products via social media networks
  • Managing your social media presence
  • Engaging your customers with your brand
  • Building a relationship with them
social media marketing company bangalore
Social media marketing company Bangalore



We incorporate your brand’s values, it’s vision and mission in all the content we curate for your social media. We create them to go with your website’s color palette, them and elements. That way, uniformity is maintained on all online channels.


Before creating content for you, we take into account the type of content you wish to share on your social media. We decide what kind of content receives the highest engagement and impressions for your brand – images, videos, memes, informative posts or brand content. 


Once we have the right kind of content to market to the right audience, we identify the platform that is best suited for your business. It’s not necessary to market on social media channels as they all have different kinds of users. So we take into account your business goals and decide which platform works best for you. 


We curate content based on your business goals. If your goal is wider reach, then we create and market content that reaches more people. For brand awareness, we market content related to your products or services along with client testimonials and user-generated content. We strategize our social media marketing according to your specific goals. 


If you have a physical store and want to attract local customers, then we use social media marketing to target people around your store’s location to direct them to your store. Similarly, we use techniques to target specific audiences of potential customers for your business and direct them to you. Unlike many marketers, we do not target everyone and let your budget go in the drain. 


Post content creation, before marketing, we do in-depth research on the audience that would be most interested in your brand or that helps you reach your goals. We create a buyer persona based on your requirements and combine many strategies and techniques to find your ideal customers to target them efficiently. That way, you get the most out of social media marketing. 


Our work doesn’t stop once we have marketed on social media. We constantly monitor the performance based on KPIs like 

  • Engagement, Conversions
  • Reach, Audience growth
  • Share of voice (mentions), Click through rate
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty,
  • Website traffic


Social Media Agency in Bangalore – Our myriad of social media marketing services include – 

  • Social media ad campaigns
  • Social media marketing audit
  • Social media management
  • Social media e-commerce campaign 
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Accounts/profile creation & branding
  • Strategy planning
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Creative publishing

Our social media marketing company Bangalore has a proven track record of success in enhancing our clients’ social media presence across all business goals. Contact us now

Social Media Marketing Services


Wider reach

No other online channels provide an opportunity to reach a large, diverse audience other than social media. There are many ways to find your target audience and a specific on that too, like location and hashtag research. With wider reach, you a have a greater chance of generating quality leads 

To get maximum reach, the first step is identifying which platform works best for your business and your products. If your products are generally suitable for everyone, then Facebook is ideal. If you’re selling products or services that are useful for business owners or industries, then LinkedIn is right for you. All your marketing strategies can fail if you use the wrong platform to reach your audience. 

Brand awareness

All social media combined as over 4 billion users worldwide. Imagining reaching at least 15% of that population with social media marketing and it can do to your business. If you want to be heard, then you have to speak or take action where the crowd is. That’s what social media marketing is. You are reaching out and marketing where the crowd is hanging out.

70% of people would say that they learned about a new brand on social media and would recommend it to a friend or a family if they had a positive experience. People share content of your brand – be it a post or a product or just any information related to your brand. And it gets reshared. 

Higher engagement

On websites, visitors can not engage much with their favourite brands. It’s very formal and leaves little room for interaction. But on social media, people can see everything about your brand, your story, who you are behind the brand, catch the latest information, updates, and news.

Your social media provides an opportunity for people to get to know you, interact with you and form a lasting relationship with them. This builds trust and earns them loyalty as well, which is great in customer retention. The higher the engagement rate, the higher the reach and lead generation. Engagement is the gateway to a brand’s success on social media.

Specific targeting

Targeting everyone is a waste of time and money as not all of them would be interested in your products or your products may not be useful for everyone. On social media, you can pick specific audiences based on age, gender, locality, interests, profession, and more. 

These metrics help you find your ideal customer base so there is no time, effort or money lost in the marketing process. You would be targeting only those people who are interested in your brand or your products. 

Interaction with the customers

By interacting with your customers, you are connecting with them and building  a relationship with them. In the long run, it is beneficial for your business as customers on social media are quite loyal.

You can also find out what your customers like or dislike about your brand, what kind of products or services they are interested in and what can be changed to make their experience better. This is all possible only on social media. 

Assess your performance

With the insights that are built within the apps, you can gain actionable insights into your brand’s performance and improve the marketing strategies. You can find out how many people your posts are reaching, how many impressions they have got, how many people bought or took some other actions with your posts, and more. 

With this data, you can make the necessary changes with your marketing strategies. The data is quite easy to read and analyse for anyone. 

Drives traffic to your website

When users visit your social media page, they will go through your content and if they like it or want to know more about your brand, then they will most definitely check out your website. If you are promoting your products, by linking your site to a landing page, it can get more traffic. Customers are likely to go through a brand’s complete online profile across all channels before making a purchase.

Social listening

It’s a tool to find what people are saying about your brand, your products, and more. You can find how people view your brand, what they dislike, and talk about you. Social listening is a process carried out by finding brand mentions, specific keywords or phrases, comments, and discussions.

Social listening is great for customer service and building a positive relationship with your audience. 


You can create and open an account for free. Even with paid advertising campaigns, you can reach thousands of people targeted based on a locality. Social media ads can cost around 500 INR per day. With that amount, you would be reaching thousands of specific people in a particular location effectively. You can also find leads that haven’t connected with your brand yet.

Social Media Agency in Bangalore


It’s necessary to stay relevant and updated in the industry if you want your business to thrive today. One of the best ways to do that is through Social Media Marketing. If you need to reach out to your customers, then you have to go where your customers are. 

A large part of the world’s population uses social media so it would be wise to market on social media. As of 2020, there are about 4 billion social media users worldwide, and you have a good chance of reaching at least 5% of it if you use the strategies well.

90% of marketers said that social media generated high exposure for the brands. 

Social media is a goldmine for finding potential customers, especially if your products are made for the younger generation. You can reach a wider audience and interact with them too. That is not possible through websites. Besides, your customers can get to know you better on your social media where you can provide endless information in different formats. That again is limited on websites. 

As a leading social media marketing company in India, Webi7 ensures that your business grows well in both the short term and long term in all the areas – lead and conversions, brand awareness, reach, customer engagement, and more


Why do i need social media when i have a website?

Because with social media, you can reach a wider audience, specific audience based on your choice of metrics like location and interest. It also increases your brand awareness that may be hard with other types of marketing. With social media, your brand could reach anywhere in the world. 

Customer interaction is another reason to use social media marketing. Building trust and relationship with your customers is the first step in reaching your business goals and no other platform is better than social media for that.  We are amongst  best Social Media Agency in Bangalore.

Which social media should i use for business?

It depends on your goals. If your goal is to have a wider audience reach, then Facebook is suitable. To get better engagement and brand awareness, then Instagram is the way. If your goal is B2B marketing, then LinkedIn is the ideal platform. 

It also depends on what kind of products you are offering to your customers. Instagram mostly hosts younger audiences and if your products or services appeal to them, then marketing on Instagram can be quite beneficial. If you are offering products that are most useful to women, then Pinterest works, especially for home decor, interior designs, and beauty industries

How to manage my reputation on social media platforms?

You can follow conversations around your brand with social listening to know what is being said about you. Reply to every message, comment, and mention. Avoid posting extremely political or negative content related to social issues like appropriation and sensitive content related to religion. Resolve every customer’s issues and negative feedback.

Post customer testimonials and instead of staging the use of new products, use user-generated content which is more authentic. That way, customers know you as genuine and trust your brand.  

How to increase follower count?

Post relevant, high-quality content consistently, post at the right time, engage with similar accounts, run paid ad campaigns occasionally, use plenty of relevant hashtags and tag influencers who could promote your business. Increasing your follower count takes time as it is a gradual process. 

What do i need to do if i want to sell on my social media account?

First, decide which social media is right for your business. Then create content that people would be interested in. Then find your target audience and run ad campaigns. Keep creating multiple content and sharing them. Reach and brand awareness should be your top priority. Build a strong customer base, share their testimonials and user generated content. 

If you are consistent enough with your marketing strategies, your business could grow steadily. If you are struggling with selling your products, then we can help with our custom social media marketing Bangalore services.

What are the best social media tools?

There are different kinds of social media tools to manage a particular function. To manage all your content for publishing, a social media calendar is required. SproutSocial is the best tool for social media calendar. It can also provide a report on your social media performance. 

For content creation, use the Canva app. Anybody can use it to make great infographics, posters, designs, etc. 

Edgar is another tool for scheduling your posts and also keeping track of old ones. 

With Hootsuite, you can engage, collaborate with similar brands, integrate content and analyse it.


Ads – Advertising on social media is quite effective in driving relevant leads and traffic to your site. This is because the platform has tools that marketers can use to target a specific audience based on location, age, gender, and interests. 

Facebook advertising – The biggest social networking platform with 2 billion active users, Facebook is ideal for lead generation. The cost per lead is quite low and advertisers can use it to their advantage and get the desired leads. 

Facebook has more advanced targeting opportunities than any other platform. The cost per click is priced based on audience criteria. We analyze your audience and your ideal customer before strategizing on Facebook ads for your brand so that you get the desired results beyond your expectations. 

Instagram advertising – Instagram gets more engagement than other social media. 58% more than Facebook and 2000% more than Twitter. Brands that focus on promoting visually-stunning product images or videos in their ad campaigns perform excellently. Like Facebook, Instagram also allows targeting a specific audience based on metrics. 

The audience on Instagram is aged between 18-30 so brands that market products and services to that audience tend to perform better. The advertising costs are priced around the same figure as that of Facebook. 

Twitter advertising – The advantage of using Twitter is that marketers don’t have to pay to reach their followers and get organic engagement. According to a Twitter report, 60% of users purchase from small businesses. 

Since Twitter is focused on present news and happening at the moment, Twitter ads are beneficial in brand awareness and direct conversions. 

LinkedIn advertising – LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing and finding the highest number of quality leads. This is because the users on LinkedIn have more buying power and are mostly business people compared to the other platforms.

Industries that thrive with LinkedIn ads are education, corporate firms, high-end products and services, marketing agencies, architecture, law firms, high-end art galleries, and such. 

Pinterest advertising – Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is heavily saturated with visual content like images. Most of the audience are women. E-commerce ads that are targeted to women perform well and get high engagement. 

As a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we go to great lengths for our clients in finding the right platform and target audience for social media marketing to help them go viral! So our social media marketing services in Bangalore are unique and well-planned with long-term goals.  

User-generated content marketing – Promoting user-generated content builds the brand’s credibility, drives purchasing decisions, builds trust from followers, customer loyalty, spark brand desire, and interest in their products or services.

User-generated content is any kind of content that is created by people. If you post a product on social media and mention a brand, then that will be considered as user-generated content.  

It is considered to be more authentic than content directly generated by brands. Some brands could hire actors and display fake products to increase their sales and awareness. This doesn’t work most of the time as people prefer genuine content they see from other customers. 

When brands repost content from their customers on their social media, users will trust them more and consider buying their products. 

Content marketing – Content marketing on social media has many forms. While it’s not possible to directly market blogs and articles on social media, other types of content like images, infographics, and videos are used and they get more engagement as well.

Microblogs can be written on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is more suitable for images and videos. LinkedIn requires more professional, informative, and useful content where links to a blog can be added in a post. 

  1. Microblogging – Microblogs are short, one or two lines of information related to a brand and their services written in a simple language with images. One can also link to the full blog. Microblogging is great for engagement as users like to consume useful or entertaining information. It’s a great tactic in social media marketing as the length of content is very limited.

Influencer marketing – Influencers are people who can reach out to a large audience and make a difference. They have the power to make people listen to them, influence taking certain decisions, and drive change.

Influencers typically have more than 10 thousand followers and many brands pay them to promote their products. That way, they can reach a large audience and increase the chance of selling out their products. Influencer marketing is a trend and more brands have started to utilize it as it an easy and effective way to gain reach leads. They also use this tactic for increasing brand awareness. 

Hashtag research – Similar to keyword research in SEO, hashtag research enables users to find content related to their interests. It also enables brands to reach out to those users who are looking for their content.

Using different variations of a similar hashtag can reach people anywhere in the world and find similar content as well. Interacting with posts that use the same hashtags as you do can greatly impact reach. 

Being one of the best Social Media agencies in Bangalore, we do intense research on hashtags for our client’s content to get the most reach and impressions.

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