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How true is the quote, “Content is King?”. You see it everywhere. But how much impact does it have on SEO? Is there any value to SEO without content?

We are going to dig deep into this contraction and find the answers that could help your SEO strategies.

This blog covers what content means, how SEO plays a role in content and some effective tips to create content optimised for SEO.

What is Content?

Content has many forms. It is anything that –

  • Provides valuable information
  • Is entertaining
  • Provides a solution to a problem
  • Answers your queries
  • Is fun to engage with

Content can exist in many formats. Most people associate content with blog posts but it is not just limited to it. Content can also be in the form of infographics, images, videos, audios, podcasts, social media posts, webinars, memes, forums, e-books, whitepapers, press releases, illustrations, and more.

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Content is what drives traffic to your website, provided that it is optimised for SEO. Content is what makes the audience engage with your brand or business. Great content can influence and inspire them.

Great content can make a huge difference in your marketing strategies.

“When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results. — Robert Rose”

Content needs consistent effort and fresh information. If you’re writing about something that has already been written a thousand times before, then you can not expect it to rank better than the rest unless you’re writing better than the others and adding new information to it.

Great content is new, fresh, and optimised. It is focused on the audience rather than on ranking in the SERPs.

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Why is Quality Content Important?

Search engines have spider bots called crawlers that look into your site’s content. They gather all kinds of information and bring them back to the search engines for indexing.

The index is then run under algorithms that match the data with a search engine user’s query. If the data matches, then the search engine will mark your page as useful and rank it.

If it doesn’t, then you need to rethink your content strategy.

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That is why it’s so important to provide the right content which is high in quality and optimised for SEO. Especially if your goal is to rank on the SERPs.

Have you ever wondered why popular SEO sites like Backlinko, SEJ, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and SEMrush perform so well? How are they getting so much traffic?

Well, they all have one thing in common. Quality content.

You must have read some of their blog posts and they are no less than 2000 words. They provide detailed information with plenty of visuals, examples, and case studies all in one place.

Plus, they’re original and well-researched.

You don’t go search for information on other sites once you read their blogs. Take Backlinko’s definitive guide for example. Or their tutorials.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

You can find everything you need on their blogs. That’s how much value they provide. People link to their sites, share them on social media and go back to their sites often for more such information. All helping SEO on a big level.

They are the best examples of why quality content is important for SEO and how it plays a major role in SEO.

Not just in SEO, but quality content also shapes the brand’s image, gaining trust from the users which helps the business grow. Or better, boom.

It doesn’t have to be limited to blog posts. Content can also be useful in the form of videos, like Nathan Gotch’s tutorial videos. His content is quite simple, easy to follow, and understand. Anyone, literally anyone can watch and learn from it. You don’t have to be marketing savvy.

You can see that he’s got over 20,000 subscribers. There are many other videos like his, but what makes his content unique?

That’s because he provides the best content in the most comprehensive way possible. No fluff gets straight to the point and is quite clear.

Unlike most digital marketing related tutorials on youtube which are hours long, he covers the same topics in a lot less time and in a much better way.

Other examples of great content include Vogue’s magazines (which get you hooked!),’s podcasts on Spotify, etc. They provide quality content that people love to consume. You can find inspiration from them and implement some of their tactics and techniques in your own content.

So how Does SEO comes into the Picture?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, a strategy in digital marketing that involves using specific techniques to drive quality and quantity organic, relevant traffic to your website.

Without SEO, your content will be useless. It will not reach anybody, it will not be read or seen or heard, and it won’t get any traffic. SEO is the driving factor which makes the content get seen or heard by maximum people.

Google has one mission – to provide the best user experience with high-quality, organised information that is accessible for everyone. 

So SEO ensures that your content satisfies Google to fulfill that mission and impresses the users.

Here are the Reasons why SEO is Important for Content:-

  • It fuels the content for rankings and user experience and content fuels SEO. They go hand in hand.
  • It optimises the content for maximum visibility and readability.
  • It ensures that your content is found when people search for it. This is possible with the right keywords.
  • It brings relevant traffic to your content. “Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ’get the targeted and relevant traffic.” – Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG.
  • You can find relevant, new topic ideas that can be included in your content to provide maximum value for the readers.
  • SEO can help your content get backlinks from other relevant sites.
  • Ensures that your content is created with search intent in mind.
  • Ensure your content targets the right audience.

How to Write Quality SEO Content that’s Effective (with the latest Techniques):

SEO content is any content that is created to rank in the search engines. Not all content is created for SEO. Some are made to reach a specific objective but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the users or audience.

Whatever content you write or create, it has to give importance to the audience.

Here are some tips to write effective SEO content that can rank in the SERPs.

1.Include keywords – It is the #1 step and the most important one in writing SEO content.

There are three types of keywords – Short-tail, middle-tail, and long-tail keywords. Use one of each in your content.

To include keywords, you need to perform keyword research using proven keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Keyword tool, etc.

You can also use a chrome extension keyword surfer for easy and quick keyword ideas.

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Include keywords that have less competition and search volume as they are easy to rank for. Include them in the title tag, meta description, and URL. Try to include long-tail keywords in the title tag as they are easy to rank for.

Bonus Tip – Use amazon and Udemy for extra keywords and topic ideas. Just head over the search bar and enter a keyword. When you enter search, you will get books and courses lists from which you can find topic ideas.

Add them in your content to provide more value to it.

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Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

You can find keyword ideas from the table of contents part.

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Finding topic ideas from Udemy.

2.Optimise the Title – Use a headline analyser tool and EMV Score checker to optimise your title. Keep the score to above 50 in both. Make sure to add a relevant keyword in the title.

Your title is the most important element of your content. It will determine whether a person will click on it or not. So write a title that’s catchy, inviting and i=evokes curiosity in the user.

The best performing titles start with –

  • How-to <do something> – a detailed guide
  • <no> Best <tools, techniques, places, recipes> for <its purpose>
  • Top # <list>
  • How <brand/celeb> does <something the reader wants to do>
  • <no> reasons why <something> isn’t working/works/<somethings the reader should do>
  • Secrets of <something the reader is dying to know>

3.Include Links – Linking out to relevant content from high-authority sites will improve the credibility of your site. It also provides extra information useful to the users in place so they don’t have to search on multiple sites.

When you consistently provide high-quality content, people will start linking to you. Link building is great for SEO and improves your site’s authority. It takes time but it has to be a part of your SEO strategy.

4.Include Visuals, Graphs – No one likes reading text-only types of blogs or articles. Adding images, graphs, charts, videos, infographics, etc.

Not only does it look visually appealing, but also improves the engagement rate.  Content with a lot of visuals makes it more readable.

Break the paragraphs into short sentences. A chunky paragraph with more than 5 sentences is likely to be ignored. Keep each para 1-2 sentences short.

Formatting and presentation is very important to keep the engagement rate high and provide the best user experience.

5.Use the latest SEO Techniques – SEO is always changing to keep up with Google’s algorithm and using outdated techniques can do no good.

So keep your SEO knowledge updated with the latest trends and techniques by reading and following blogs on Backlinko, Moz, Ahrefs, SEJ, SEMrush, etc.

6.Search Intent – Most digital marketing companies and content writers ignore this.

Before writing, ask yourselves these questions –

What is the person looking for when they search for this phrase or keyword?

What problems are they trying to solve?

What kind of solutions do they want?

Write for your audience while keeping the search intent in mind, so that you are providing the exact kind of information users want and they don’t bounce off your site.

7.Share the Content – Once you upload the content, it doesn’t stop there. You have to promote it for maximum visibility and reach.

Share it on social media, through emails, and press releases. Write a short effective copy when sharing on online channels so that people click on it.

Don’t just say, “hey, I wrote this new blog that you might be interested in. check it out.”

Instead, say this, “Hi there! Are you having trouble getting enough traffic to your site? Then worry not! We have created a list of techniques that you can use to double to your traffic in no time! It has some secret tips and updated information that will help your SEO. Do check it out!”

That way, you’re addressing the user’s problem. You are providing a solution for that, and then provide them with a link to your post. That is more effective than the former statement which can come across a bit salesy.

With content creation comes content marketing. If you are looking for content marketing services that best suit your objectives, then this digital marketing company in Bangalore is the right one for you.


Above all, if you want your content to perform well and rank better than your competitors, then you just have to provide useful information that tops all others.

Research in-depth about your topic and cover everything you possibly could related to it. Convey your message in the most comprehensive way possible.

In other words, write an eight-grader. Keep the language simple and clear.

Don’t just write the same thing others are writing about, in the same way. Add more information that they missed out on, like your personal experiences which are unique. Readers tend to relate a lot better when they read real-life examples. That gives them hope  in solving their problems.

The best performing content is more than 1800 words. That’s just the average count. Google has declared word-count a ranking factor. In fact, blogs that are ranking in the first page of SERPs have about 2500 or more words.

You would think that long-form content is not read. But contrary to that, they are the best performing ones and people love to share long-form content.

It’s not easy for your content to rank fast. Unless you’re writing something shocking and very new to the audience. But it’s not impossible either. With consistent effort and using the right SEO technique, your content can rule the internet. A part of it, at least.

content marketing 2020

content marketing


Content is nothing but a collection of information from various sources.

content management

Searching relevant information from internet/social media/ eBooks/blogs etc. Once information is collected, we convert them to valid writing representing our offers.

Whenever people think about content writing, they tend towards writing articles. Content writing is not just writing or publishing. Writing is the foundation for any content.

The process of outlining, writing, and editing, typically for digital marketing ideas, is called Content Writing. It can involve writing articles, blogs, posts, scripts, and for specific platforms (like Twitter, FB, etc.). However, writing content isn’t just important for blog posts.

content marketing image

Content writing is essential for all varieties of content formats, including

  • scripts for videos
  • newsletters on Emails
  • Posts on Social media
  • Content on Web pages
  • Websites
  • Descriptions of YouTube video


  1. Communication: Every job post has a point that requires decent communication skills. Communication can be written or verbal. Written communication encompasses emails, formal letters, regarding brochures, meetings, reports, presentations, etc. Unambiguous communication between an owner/employee and customers is necessary. Thus, students/employees must learn how to write content.
  2. Improving Business: Companies analyze the market and take action on content modification/improvement to attain customer attention through interactive posts. Social media is a platform where businesses post their advertisements/information/dealing etc. and can spread/gain engagements with the speed of light.
  3. Draw attention: Attention-grabbing is an essential tool for business success/expansion. A small mistake in the presentation of content might ruin a business’s reputation. Therefore, content writers must be careful and have excellent writing skills with a clear vision and to the point.
  4. Influence: A content writer can influence the customer and change the market environment. Businesses try to influence targeted customers through their content writings. Content writers must know what to write and how to write to achieve attention and make potential customers prefer the company, amongst others.
  5. Gain Trust: Content is crucial because it helps in achieving the customer’s trust. Good-quality content always gives positive results, and customers start trusting the business.
  6. Promote Your Career: With excellent writing skills, we can have the capacity to perform yourself as a professional.


Being capable of communicating our ideas, share your view, state a problem, and influence customers through writing are a great talent. Communication skills are essential in any job, whether it is verbal/written.  And know more about the content marketing and more digital marketing syllabus









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Content marketing comes before digital marketing. You might be surprised, but it’s true. 

It’s all about brand storytelling to reach potential customers through content. 

Content marketing isn’t new and has been around for more than 100 years. At the time when computers and digital tools didn’t exist like it did today, brands had to rely on creativity and content to build hype around their products and make customers buy them. 

With the advent of digital marketing in the 1990s, content marketing started to disappear into the shadows. Since the 2010s it again rose to prominence and today, it is one of the most important marketing strategies that plays a major role in a company’s growth.

Since it’s beginning, content has evolved tremendously. It has changed from journals to radio shows, to comic books, zines and blogs. It is always changing and will never cease to do so. 

The change is what drives companies to generate better revenue or reach their goals faster with better results. The earliest content to have ever marketed was so successful because it was something new and people found a way to connect with brands. Similarly, the first ever video, blog or podcast were widely successful because they were something new. 

Today there are millions of content in such forms and to be successful in this competitive industry, you need to create better and more quality content than your competition. There is no shortcut or other way around. This Bangalore digital marketing company, WEB I7 provides a content marketing strategy customised and tailored to your business needs.

To understand better how content can play an important role in the success of a business, let’s take a trip to the past – 

1895 – The Furrow by John Deere:

An American tractor company called John Deere began publishing journals for farmers about how technology can help them. The goal was to make them more invested in John Deere equipment so that it can help them prosper better. The publication was a hit. Why? Because it wasn’t hard selling in the face of customers. 

The Furrow by John Deere

The company gave a reason to invest in them with their stories and information about the equipment they offered. And this created an interest in the farmers and eventually built a relationship between them and the company.  

1990s – The Michelin Guide:

You all have heard about the Michelin stars for restaurants. Ever wonder how they came to be or why they’re called Michelin stars? It all started with content marketing. 

In the 1900s, France had about 3000 cars. To create more demand for cars and car tires, Andre Michelin, a French industrialist, with his brother Edouard created a guide on how to maintain a vehicle, repair and replace tires, car mechanics lists, where to find lodging and hotels to stay in during travels. They published and distributed them for free. 

The Michelin Guide

Towards the end of WW2, Andre started charging 750 francs for the guide and improved its content by adding a list of fine-dining restaurants based on categories and maps. The guide became very popular because of the detailed information provided in it. The brothers would send inspectors to visit and rate restaurants. At the time, there was only one Michelin star which, over time, became a three-star rating. 

You can see how providing content became an important role in the popularity of the Michelin guide and stars. Today, the guide continues to be popular and restaurants work hard to earn the Michelin stars. 

1930s – Procter & Gamble’s Soap Opera:

In 1837, William Procter and James Gamble began a business selling candles and soaps. Their products were quite popular and used widely, especially in the military. They continued manufacturing and distributing soaps in the next few decades. The company was later managed by their sons and grandsons.

Procter & Gamble’s Soap Opera

During the 1930s, radio shows grew to prominence and popularity. There was a dearth of products advertising and P&G was one of the first to advertise on them. There was a show called Ma Perkins on the radio on which P&G advertised their product Oxydol soap powder. The sales and revenue increased post this advertisement and the company began sponsoring many other radio shows. Thus, the term soap opera was born. 

Today, P&G is a multinational consumer goods corporation, producing goods in health, lifestyle, beauty, family care, foods, etc.  

1977 – Brick kicks Magazine by LEGO:

Who doesn’t love legos, right? It is great for kids’ development and fun. It’s so satisfying to build with legos. So, how was the company able to be so successful even after decades?

Brick kicks Magazine by LEGO

That’s right! Through content marketing. They started publishing a magazine called Brick Kicks, which is still running today as Lego life magazine. 

The magazine featured comics on lego characters, building ideas, and games. It became widely popular among kids and created a demand for their products. The magazines built a relationship between the company and its customers which made their products widely popular and successful. 

1982 – Hasbro & Marvel’s G.I Joe Comic Books:

Hasbro is an American multinational company that deals in the production of toys and games. The joint venture with the Marvel comics changed the game forever in the production and sales of toys. 

Hasbro & Marvel’s G.I Joe Comic Books

When Marvel produced comic books on G.I Joe, it became a favourite American soldier among many. And the joint venture with the toy company produced G.I Joe toys that sold in millions. 

The comic book played an important role in marketing. It provided content that people loved and resonated with. With that content, it created a demand for G.I Joe’s physical existence in the form of toys. 

Like always, Marvel created hype around a character and sold content that pushed many companies’ marketing success forward. 

1999 – Microsoft Launches its first Corporate Blog:

Microsoft started their first ever corporate blog that was a big deal back then and within three years, the company’s spend on content marketing came up to $20 billion. 

Around the same year, the term content marketing was used in Ohio and parts of America. Since then, content marketing grew big and was used across the world as a major part of their business marketing strategy. 

Other notable landmarks in content marketing – 

  • 2005 – Before Youtube existed, LiveVault created a video featuring John Cleese and a few IT managers which saw over 250,000 downloads. 
  • 2006 – STIR magazine was created by the company, Sherwin-Williams that gave advice and guides to architects and interior designers. 
  • 2008 – Procter & Gamble created a website called for teenage girls to provide information on feminine hygiene and products. This form of content marketing was much more effective than traditional marketing. 
  • 2011 – Google’s Zero Moment Of Truth, a research into its users showed that they look for information about a product before buying it. This was an important process in the buying cycle and the study proved that content was very important. 

If companies could provide the right content on their products, then it would help users ease into buying them. So, Google’s study changed the game in online content marketing. It also discouraged keyword stuffing, which made it harder for content and sites to rank. 

  • Post 2010s – Social media becomes the number one platform for producing and consuming content. Businesses prosper and the platform has helped many of them become successful with online content marketing. 
  • 2017 – Video content rose and became one of the most produced forms of content. 

You can see how content marketing has rapidly changed over the decades and largely influenced a business’s success. Done the right way, it can reach millions of people and engage them, creating a bond between the company and them. That alone can drive the business forward.

In the coming years, it is expected to keep changing. New upcoming digital technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality can make way for new possibilities. They have set the change in motion on social media platforms. Content and marketing are already seeing a  new era on social media platforms with these technologies, providing a unique user experience like never before! 

It’s hard to predict exactly how things will change in the marketing industry, but here are some of the near changes that are expected to take place in the near future – 

  • Video content is on the rise. People love to watch videos of their favourite brands. Moreover, videos get better and longer engagement rate, making it an extremely effective content marketing strategy. 80% of the business use videos in their marketing strategies. 
  • Mobile searches to increase According to Statistica, the mobile data traffic worldwide is predicted to increase by seven times by 2022. Since the last few years, mobile searches have been increasing without slowing down. So content marketing is also expected to rise for mobile use.

Optimising content for mobile use will be critical for the success of SEO and marketing. The implementation of AR and VR on mobile apps and other platforms will present new opportunities for content marketing. 

  • Departing from being salesy, content will move towards being empathetic, more informational, and customer-first. Google wants to give the best user experience and providing content that is focused on customers will hold a high place in the rankings. Users don’t care about sales. They care about information and their needs. So, content will become more personal.
  • Podcasts watching is better than reading. Listening is even better than watching and reading. Audio content has better engagement than video content. It is more convenient than other forms of content as anyone can listen to it on the go whenever they want.

It is more interactive than written and video content. It is more personal and customised. So users are more likely to be engaged in podcasts and respond to them more. 

Challenges faced in the Content Marketing Industry:

Competition – Back in 2005, you could post a blog on anything small in less than 500 words and it would still do well. Why? Because it would be new and there was not much competition.

Fast forward to today, you can write new topics in more than 1800 words with high-quality content and it would still struggle to rank well. Why? Because the competition is quite fierce. 

There are over 500 Million Sites to Beat:

The competition for the keywords Content marketing industry itself has over 1 trillion results. 

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So you can imagine the pain of competition. You want to stand out from them, then you have to be better than them with your finger on the pulse. 

Providing high-quality content consistently – Some companies provide content because they have to. They blog and blog and blog and blog…………….. Until it’s not working anymore. Then they stop. 

Some companies make the mistake of providing poor quality content with lazy writing, inaccurate facts, and ridiculed articles that are terrible. They might be creating them under the pressure to consistently produce content. This results in poor-quality content that can dent or even damage their reputation. 

Battling paid promotion – If driving organic traffic wasn’t hard enough, here comes the competition for paid traffic. Many social media platforms are providing better opportunities for driving more traffic through paid promotions. They help segment your audience better. 

The competition for that also is fierce. To battle paid promotions and ads on search engines is a tough one. If you want to expand your reach, then using paid promotions might help as relying solely on organic traffic will make it harder to reach your goals in the long-run.

As one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore, we provide an array of marketing services for all your online needs – from web & app development to growth marketing.

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Content Promotion

In this article, we will discuss briefly how we can effectively promote & leverage the content by using organic & paid promotion channels by using best practices for content promotion.

Content promotion is the distribution of content through several media channels & Content marketers can leverage promotion channels to connect with the new audience members & prospects.

  • With content promotion, you are able to get your message to the audience who needs it the most.
  • 50% of B2B buyers consume 4-6 pieces of content prior to engaging with the salesperson.
  • Content promotion & success depends on by driving the website traffic, improve in audience engagement & help buyers with the purchase decisions.
  • 45% of B2B marketers say they are effective at content marketing.

Content promotion can be achieved in two ways:-

1.Organic Promotion Channel: is a cost-effective way to excel at content promotion & designed to increase the visibility of the content & this is a very effective channel for the marketing campaigns without spending money.

Different Organic Promotion Channels:-

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Channels
  • Live Promotions (events or webinars),
  • Influencer Networks
  • Word of Mouth.

Organic promotion, make sure that you need to ensure the consistency around developing & publishing the content regularly in a timely manner.

2. Paid Promotion Channels: Allows promoting your content to a highly specific audience.

Different Paid Promotion Channels:-

  • Search Engine Ads (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

In paid promotion, make sure to experiment with the small budget to discover the best ways to achieve the desired outcome.

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Key best practices for content promotion are:

  • Create a content promotion calendar: This will help to organize a content promotion plan.  plan includes details about targeted audiences, managing internal & external communication channels because content will be distributed across these channels.

Content promotion calendar ties with the content promotion plan to create a game plan about how            & when the communication should be released.

  • Use Segmentation: Divide the larger audiences or target markets into smaller segments based on the specific buyer persona criteria like Interests, Demographics, Geographical location, etc.  e., target the right audience. for e.g. Email Segmentation uses the lists with the specific criteria of contacts in a company database (the criteria in the list is based off pre-existing information collected from the contact database) & Another way to target the audiences by outside the social network know as Paid Media Campaigns Segmentation i.e., by Google Display Network.
  • Customize messaging for each channel: – Create a custom messaging by using these three guidelines.

Set the tone: you may want your message to inspire your audience, encourage them  & educate them, or just make them laugh.

Communicate the value: Define one or two benefits one would gain from your piece of content.

Match the distribution channel: Explore the new & creative ways of delivering your messaging.

Experiment & Optimize the content: Experimentation is a great way to learn how to deliver content to your audience i.e., you want to change one variable per experiment.

Optimization is used to achieve the best possible outcome for your content promotion plan

Three Key areas to optimize Content Promotion Funnel:

Reach: is used to measure the size of your potential audience & we can optimize the reach by including a link in the email signature, share content on social media channels, connect with industry influencers & always tell new people about the content.

Engagement: We can optimize for engagements by considering how the user is going to engage with the content, be patient, include relevant action words & make adjustments based on the platform being used. Most important metrics to look for is an engagement metrics i.e., Engagement (opened & Click Through Rate (CTR) )& Deliver-ability.

Conversion: We can optimize for conversions by linking to the landing page for all of the content promotional efforts & use a strong call to action.

  • Analyze your results: You will need to analyze the results of each campaign in order to identify ways to enhance future campaign performance.

Content promotion efforts can be analyzed by analyzing the performance of promotion channels, exploring each channel individually & identify next steps that you can take based on the new insights.

By going through this blog, we can conclude that “Create Less Promote More” should be our digital mantra to drive business success.

Need to know more, How to implement content promotion strategy across different digital marketing channels, Please feel free to contact us today & we are trusted top 10 Content Marketing Agency in Bangalore.

Need to know more, How to implement content promotion strategy across different digital marketing channels, Please feel free to contact us today & we are among the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore which is built to help your business grow. We are Companies with Best Digital marketing services in Bangalore. Contact us to know more about us.

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To Create a Successful Content Marketing Approach, need to follow these Below Guidelines:

Strategic Digital Marketing & business process focused on creating & distributing valuable, relevant & consistent content to attract & retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

When content has done correctly, this helps to create a relationship with your audience, which leads to trust. Content Marketing is really just the art of communicating with your prospects without having to sell to them.

1.The Power of Storytelling:

Business storytelling is about creating the alignment between your business & your prospects & customers. The goal of storytelling is to make a human connection & help prospects make sense of decisions they are about to make. For branding story, you need to understand “The Golden Circle” rule, which will help you to create a mission statement & set the tone for all your content.

The Golden Circle is defined by ‘WHY’ (why are you doing, what you are doing?), ‘HOW’ (How will this help your audience?) & ‘WHAT’ (what are you offering?)

Each storytelling should have three Essential key Elements:

a) Characters:-

The character is the connection between you, the storyteller, and your audience and starts with buyer persona (this is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer can help guide you to understand the goals & challenges that your character will face. Characters will be classified in terms of storytelling point of view like the first-person point of view (The character is yourself), the second-person point of view (The character is your audience) & the third- person point of view (He said & She said type of language)

 b) Conflict:-

The conflict is the lesson in how the character transforms through challenge & if your story lacks the conflict, then you are not telling the story instead you are telling a tagline, unique selling point, or a plain statement. Conflict should fit your prospect’s problems, prospects’ needs & prospects buyer’s journey.

C) Resolution:-

The resolution should wrap up the story but should also clearly call for the audience to action & it fulfills the purpose of the story. Storytelling best practices use content to create emotional appeal, be consistent & authentic & keep the story clear & concise.

2. Generate Content Ideas:-

A process allows you to think of ideas that may not be easily apparent. There are two ways to generate ideas for Content Creation:

  1. By Yourself
  2. Within the group

3. Plan a Long-Term Content Strategy:-

Planning provides a roadmap for your content & if you make a plan & are consistent in approach, then you are giving yourself the best chance at achieving ROI from your content efforts.

Three steps to create a long-term content plan:-

  • Setting marketing goals provides you long-term vision & short term motivation & Each goal set should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely) goal.
  • Auditing or assessing your organization’s initiatives & assets:- Long-term content planning audit can be done by content audit (organize your content audit based on content title, buyer’s journey stage, Marketing Funnel Stage & format or type of content) & event-based audit (organize your event based audit by upcoming priorities by month, Initiative overview, Theme, Prospective blog post topics based on your buyer personas & Inbound Marketing Campaign that ties your efforts together)
  • Identifying the buyer’s journey for your buyer personas:- You are creating content that meant to attract & pull your buyer personas through every stage.

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4. Building a Content Creation Framework:-

A content creation framework should be repeatable, organized & agile. Follow these steps to build a framework for content creation:

  • Conceptualizing your content: the process of coming up with the appropriate ideas.
  • Planning & setting timelines: Start planning a timeline knowing which content offers to focus on each month will help organize your weekly content activities.
  • Creating a workflow: Content creation workflow should identify who is going to be doing what tasks, Identify outside influencers will be contributing & have an intuitive breakdown of the work.
  • Reviewing & editing the content: Set clear expectations, Allow for multiple rounds of edits, Make suggestions by tracking the progress, determine editing timeline & use a document to track the changes.
  • Publishing & Promotion: Your promotion strategy should always be changing to reflect your business needs.
  • Organizing the content & store it internally: Content Management System (CMS)   is used to manage your content.
  • Analyzing content result: Google Analytics is a great example for understanding where the leads are coming from, what kind of device they are using, how long they are staying on pages & it can pull the custom, granular reports on your website traffic.

5. Become an Effective Writer:-

You need to learn to write content that is educational, follow personality & relevant to your audience. Effective writing core attributes include:

  • Attention-grabbing headline: Begin your writing by coming up with a working title.
  • Tone relevant to your readers: You want to match the attitude of your readers.
  • Help the reader do something: You first need to understand who your ideal buyer persona (reader) is.
  • Add to the conversation: needs to add something new to the conversation.
  • Write for the way people search: You should research the words people actually use to search & communicate.
  • One core idea: A clear piece of writing should have one main idea.
  • Supports your brand messaging values & strategy: Ask yourself, if this content supports buyer’s journey.
  • Has a relevant call to action: You need to tell them what you want them to do next.
  • Free of errors & poor grammar: Refinement & polishing can be the difference between making & breaking the trust.

6. Extending the Value of Your Content Through Repurposing (shelf life of your content):-

Great content is the foundation of your Content Marketing Plan & it can take a lot of time & effort to create effective content on a consistent basis. Benefits & advantages of repurposing content give you another opportunity to rank in search engine results, Allows you to reach a new audience & support the consistency of your message.

Repurposing content strategies are bifurcated into two stages:

  • Content Republishing: The act of reposting your content, mainly blogs, on other websites with proper credit given to original author. When republishing the content, make sure your SEO is not penalized.
  • Recycle: Effective recycled content is made up of Adjust (What needs to be added, removed or re-worked), Combine (you may be able to combine related or unrelated content to provide new value & meaning) & Expand (is there any opportunity to expand the topic)

7. Effectively Promote the Content:-

Content promotion is the distribution of content through a variety of media channels. Content marketers can leverage promotion channels to connect with new audience members & prospects. Content promotion success relies on by driving the Website Traffic, improve audience engagement & aid buyers with the purchase decisions.

Content promotion can be promoted in two ways:-

  • Organic Promotion Channel: Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media, Live promotions (events or webinars), Influencer networks & Word of mouth.
  • Paid Promotion Channel: Search Engine Ads (Google, Yahoo & Bing) & Social Media Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest)

Key Areas to Optimize Content Promotion:

  • Reach: is used to measure the size of your potential audience & we can optimize the reach by including a link in the email signature, share content on social media, connect with industry influencers & always tell new people about the content.
  • Engagement: We can optimize for engagements by considering how the user is going to engage with the content, including relevant action words & make adjustments based on the platform being used.
  • Conversion: We can optimize for conversions by linking to the Landing Page for all of the promotional efforts & use a strong call to action.

8. Measuring & Analyzing the Content:-

Areas of focus for tracking & measuring the contents are Brand Awareness, Engagement, Lead Generation, Customer conversion & sales, customer loyalty & retention & website performance.

9. Develop a Growth Marketing Mentality:-

An integrated approach to growing the business & optimize content marketing efforts through constant testing across marketing channels. To develop a Growth Marketing mindset you need to know the marketing funnel, framework to properly operate & improve the marketing funnel & buy-in on instilling a growth mindset with the rest of the organization. By following these above guidelines, you can have a good mindset approach to drive successful content marketing in your business.

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