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Digital marketing is a system which executed in media and internet channels for sell products and services. It refers to all of your efforts in online marketing. Digital marketing helps your business to get in touch with you and users directly. It is an easy and smart way to approach your customer. Digital marketing is […]

Digital marketing is a set of marketing techniques to sell products and services to a specific target that uses the internet through online channels and tools in a strategic way. It is a system that executed in media and internet channels.  Digital marketing services provide opportunities to promote a business or brand efficiently. Mobile applications, […]

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Social Media Marketing:  Will social media marketing ever rule the internet? By 2025, social media marketing will become the king of marketing with the implementation of mind-blowing technologies. Read on to know how social media marketing can become the powerhouse of online marketing. Key points:  Number of social media users to double in 5 years […]

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Digital Marketing Agency No business can thrive without a proper marketing strategy in place. It is not easy for a business to reach its target customers and get the necessary impact on them. The availability of the internet has made online marketing easy. In this blog, we will cover the importance of digital marketing, how […]

E-Commerce or Online Shopping This was early 1962 it was founded by a  firm called CompuServe was all about buying and selling online in America, it was like buying & paying bills online. The history of electronic commerce started 40year ago . It continued to grow with many innovative ideas and business strategies plan Online […]

So what is a media buyer’s job description and what is his or her work day like? Media buyers plan and strategies, consult and negotiate the price of media with the media representative on behalf of an advertiser. They even intently screen the media vehicles themselves, checking office or through an inward observing division to […]

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Here is the List of the Best Institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with Placements: Traditional Marketing is getting dead with the rise of Internet technology and an increase in the involvement of internet devices in our day to day life. All the Modes of Traditional marketing (i.e. T.V, Newspaper, Radio, Banners) are slowly […]

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Digital Marketing Industry   We are in the era of digitalization world and everything around is controlled by machines. Since the beginning of the millennium, there are many changes in the field of science and it is taking over every industry by a storm. We have seen many advancements like smartphones, smartwatches, self-driving cars, Mars […]

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Content Promotion In this article, we will discuss briefly how we can effectively promote & leverage the content by using organic & paid promotion channels by using best practices for content promotion. Content promotion is the distribution of content through several media channels & Content marketers can leverage promotion channels to connect with the new […]

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Growth Marketing Mentality for your Business An integrated approach to grow & nurture your business & optimize your content marketing efforts through constant testing across different marketing channels. To develop a Growth Marketing mindset you need to know the marketing funnel, framework to properly operate & improve the marketing funnel & buy-in on instilling a […]