How can SEO team and the Sales team work well together

SEO and the sales team are an important part of any business that has an online presence. They are the reason a company can reap its benefits from marketing. However, to make that possible, SEO and the sales team need to work in sync towards the same goal. 

The SEO team can connect the sales team with the right leads and the sales team can close the deals with the right leads. If they don’t work together, then there can be a problem with acquiring quality leads and converting them. 

Also, the SEO team helps the sales team to convert those leads into paying customers by providing the right content at every stage of the sales funnel, which is a crucial process in digital marketing. 

Better performance is achieved when they work together as a single team than as separate teams. In any digital marketing company, the SEO and the sales team will work together but if not, then here are some ways to make them. 

How can SEO team and the Sales team work well together

Target the same audience

SEO is more than increasing website traffic. It also needs your website in front of the right audience. This is where the SEO team and the sales groups have to function carefully with each other to assist in business growth.

It all starts with keyword research for a strong SEO foundation. Rather than spending countless hours doing keyword research to find out search volume, competition level, finding put long-tail queries, having direct input from the sales team will help you take SEO to another level. 

Obtain responses from the sales team to confirm keyword concerns and close the gaps in your digital roadmap. 

Since salespeople talk to leads and clients every day, they can understand the language used in sales communication, the kind of information they are looking for and the challenges they face. So, the SEO team needs to focus on long-tail keywords derived from the sales team discussion with the clients. Long-tail keywords have a lower search volume but have a higher conversion rate. 

For example, someone searching for organic herbal shampoo will convert more than someone just looking for shampoos. 

Understand each other’s role 

The SEO team needs to understand the role of the sales team and vice versa. They need to know how the sales process works and how SEO affects it. Like customer’s behaviour in the sales funnel, their purchasing behaviour, where they convert, and more. 

Likewise, the sales team needs to know digital marketing campaigns involved and which ones are bringing in leads so that they can follow up with a personalised approach. 

Collaborate with the sales team and gather all the useful materials to run the campaigns smoothly and successfully. 

Collaborate to create the right content

As an SEO team, if you collaborate with the sales team, you can create effective content based on the feedback derived from the customers, questions and information they ask the sales team. 

Don’t overlook valuable keywords that have lower search volume and search intent. Some prospects might be using a different language, so coordinating the sales team can help avoid any mistakes. 

So once you create content based on the feedback given by the sales team, they can have the right resources to nurture a strong relationship with the brand or strengthen an existing one. Additionally, you will also have content that is created to rank well in the SERPs.

Regular SEO routine can also help the sales team in a similar way, share with them the latest keyword trends, user behaviour, branded queries that include reviews, pricing, free, etc. 

Set up meetings/discussions regularly

If an SEO team launches a marketing campaign without letting the sales team know, it’ll be hard for them to sell something they are not aware of. So set up a weekly or monthly discussion about campaigns, projects, strategies, goals and results. 

Discuss the issues facing customers, identify problems or gaps on the website and ensure both sides of the team are aligned with communication. Slack is a useful platform for communication and coordinating with everyone on the team. 

Use sales data to improve SEO tactics

Ask a question like – 

  • Who is an ideal customer or target buyer?
  • Who is the decision-maker?
  • What are the key issues you hear in the sales process?

These questions help them determine how and where customers look for information and what kind of content ropes them into your business. The sales data helps the SEO team devise effective SEO tactics in the sales process and generate more quality leads. 

Use SEO data to improve sales 

Similar to how the sales data can help improve the SEO tactics, SEO data can also help improve sales. An SEO team spends a lot of time analysing the data, how the website is performing, how the visitors are interacting with it, what they don’t like, etc. If this data is shared with the sales team, it can help them work better. 

Let the sales team know about – 

  • Top-performing types of content
  • Campaigns
  • Competitor updates
  • Customer reviews/feedbacks

Testing and adjusting

Monitoring and tracking the traffic to your website can help you find out if visitors are converting. Here, conversion doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors convert to customers, it can also be referring to any kind of action they take on your site. 

For example:

  • Retail or eCommerce websites should track if visitors are making purchases.
  • B2B organizations should know if visitors are filling out forms or filling a contact form. 

Monitor the data on your Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager and adjust your strategies accordingly. If you don’t notice any action being taken on landing pages despite an increase in traffic, then you need to rethink your SEO strategies. 

  • Are you reaching out to the right audience?
  • Should you optimise the page further to increase conversions?
  • Is there enough relevant and valuable content on the page?
  • What are your competitors doing that you are not?

The most important part of teaming with the sales and the SEO team is having the data needed to report to both the sides and making the right decisions. Before budgeting to new SEO strategies, you need to track and monitor the data and report the results to the team. 

SEO and the sales team are the powerhouses of any business or a company. It’s crucial that they collaborate together and work towards the same goals. Then only can the business thrive and beat the competitors. If your business needs SEO services or any digital marketing services, you’ve come to the right place! Webi7 is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore. 

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