SEO challenges for food & beverage companies in 2021

SEO challenges for food & beverage companies in 2021

The competition in the food & beverage companies is so high that just having an online presence isn’t nearly enough. If you’re aren’t appearing first on Google when a user types best restaurants near me or cafes near me, chances are, people are not discovering you as much as they should be and you could be losing out on several customers. The same goes for food & beverage companies. 

In 2021, it’s all about outdoing your competition and having a prominent, consistent online presence in front of the right people and on the right platforms. So if you haven’t yet invested in SEO, then you’re already falling behind! However, this SEO company in Bangalore can get you back on track and ahead of your competitors. 

2021 is already seeing changes in SEO because the way people search for products is also changing. That brings up many challenges in SEO, even for food & beverage companies. So it’s important to master SEO for food and drink. Let’s take a look at the challenges in SEO in 2021 – 

  • Voice Search Optimisation

Voice Search Optimisation has become an important part of SEO in 2021 and is gaining more momentum. Search queries on Google are getting more conversational and longer, so using long-tail keywords on your website and in content is more important than ever to optimize it for voice search. 

People are more likely to use voice search for something urgent, for something they’re likely to purchase or visit, the same day. So, make sure that your Google My Business and your website (if any) are optimized for voice search with the use of relevant long-tail keywords and search phrases. 

  • Maintaining core web vitals 

Core web vitals has always been a part of SEO but were not considered to be a priority until now. In 2021, Google announced that core web vital is going to be an important ranking factor and affect SEO as well. 

So your site needs to have all the core web vitals leveled up, it cannot be just okay or good, it needs to be great! That means, all the technical aspects of your site like loading speeding, functioning, navigation, etc need to be spot on! Focus on the loading speed of the site as it is a crucial factor in excellent user experience and Google loves websites that give a great user experience. Improving your core web vitals can greatly impact SEO as well, giving your site a much-needed boost. You will get improved targeted traffic and rank better on SERPs. 

  • Competition for local search

Most of the searches are geographically determined. Best Cafes in Bangalore,  Budget-friendly cafes in Koramangala, Hari Super Sandwich near me, etc, are all local searches. If a user searches for these and you don’t appear, you will lose a lot of customers. Most people who do local searches intend to visit the stores the same day. 

The challenge here is to top all the other stores/places that appear for local keywords and phrases. How many of your competitors operate their business in your locality? The more, the tougher the challenge is in local SEO. Ensure that your Google my business account is optimized for local search, contains relevant long-tail keywords, has the right address, business hours, and other important details, list of products, and reviews. 

  • Providing content consistently

Creating content is time-consuming. It’s not as easy as just writing a random blog and then posting it, hoping that it’ll generate traffic. Content creation takes a lot of planning, research on the industry trends and audience, putting in a lot of effort to provide quality and value and marketing it. Content can surely help SEO but in order for it to be effective, you need to be consistent. Companies that post more than 10 times a month are likely to perform better than the ones that post only 4 times a month. 

And not just that, the content needs to be related to your niche industry. If you provide specialty food, then you need to create content around that. If you’re a beverage company, then you have to make informational content related to your products. You can also write about benefits. If not blogs, social media posts can be the best option. Another challenge that rises here to keep your audience engaged with your content. 

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How to overcome these challenges in SEO

Provide amazing visual content 

It’s no secret that foodies love to stare at beautifully crafted as well as well-presented recipes positioned before them. Nothing can grab their interest like a succulent photo.  So invest in some cameras and use high-definition pictures to your advantage. 

Ensure that all of your online web content consists of visuals that are enticing. Choose contrasting colors and publish picture sizes that cannot be overlooked. White room is a great aspect to make use of on your website as well as galleries and also it’s an excellent concept to keep the design simple.

Engage with your audience on social media to create interest

It’s not only foodies but also food connoisseurs who like to discuss fine dining and food they have actually tried. Everybody enjoys telling someone else about something they tasted that totally blew up their palate. Social networks make it feasible to strike up this kind of conversation and also maintain it in life. Make certain that you have active and prominent visibility on social media sites as a part of your SEO strategy. 

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to strike up conversations with your target audience about their favorite items, deals, and so on. What’s more, social networks like Facebook have Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and marketing tools to help boost your page and expand reach, so take advantage of that to increase the visibility of your site. 

Urge clients to post their ideas as well as opinions on your array and recommend dishes or food pairing suggestions. The more you urge your audience to engage with you online, the extra their connections will certainly notice, and also your appeal will certainly start to grow. Google will certainly discover your online activity and also your

Go mobile-friendly

If you offer specialized foods, you can acquire a lot by having an e-commerce website. 

If your website isn’t geared towards satisfying the buyers, you are most likely to miss out on countless extra rupees in sales. A mobile-friendly internet site must have quick-loading pages that present content correctly on various screens and it should be a safe one too. 

The concept is to make it as quick and very easy to buy your specialty food as possible. Google places websites and content that provide valuable content to consumers fast, in the first place. 

Focus on the right keywords

Trying to market your specialty food to anyone that eats is not going to be as successful as attempting to sell your food to individuals that specifically have a taste for what your array has to offer. 

Therefore niche or keywords focus is actually quite vital when it involves specialty food SEO. If you are marketing blue cheese, for instance, create content that hits that search phrase (rare cheese/fine cheese in this case), and also include search phrases for items you are marketing. 

Researching what keywords to utilize as well as just how affordable they are is vital. You don’t want to lose time targeting a niche that is currently saturated. Tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush can help you find your target audience.

Focusing your attention on certain keywords and phrases will help you to produce web content that is fine-tuned to what your target market wants. When you have limited your particular niche, you can publish blogs, articles, images, video clips as well as updates that appeal to a certain segment of a wide market. 

Search Engine Optimization specialists advise that the more fascinating and useful your web content is to your niche market, the more Google will rank it and also the more chance it stands to place well in a search engine result. You stand to make more sales. 

Testimonials: let individuals speak

There is no doubt that your specialty food is something worth discussing, so why not motivate your customers to start creating testimonials and be active on social networks. Review sites or pages are considered reliable sources of details since Google places good reviews rather well in the SERPs. 

You can encourage customers to write testimonials for loyalty points, free coupons, etc on the internet mentions or price cuts. Share your reviews and present them on your item pages. They offer exposure and also reveal that you are willing to permit people to be honest about what they really feel about your products.

Deal tasters to the right people

There are a number of foodies, fine restaurants, and food movie critics that regular the UK food industry. An excellent means to boost your Search Engine Optimization initiatives is to make use of these much-respected experts to your benefit. 

Get in touch with those who will certainly appeal most to your sector, send examples of your specialty foods as well as to inquire to make a visitor post or evaluation on your array, based upon their personal point of view. Their point of view will certainly be valued by others– in fact, just having their name attached to your brand will be excellent on the internet.

Develop an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy

Piecing together a strategic Search Engine Optimization plan resembles developing a scrumptious dish for a dish that everybody can’t help however enjoy. Make the effort to follow each of the actions appropriately as well as ensure your web content (the components) of excellent quality and also you need to have the ability to watch your specialty foodstuff grow from stamina to toughness.

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