How To Generate Hospitals Leads using Healthcare Digital Marketing

According to the ministry of health and family welfare, there are 468,898 government hospitals in India, as of 2018. If we add the private sector hospitals to the list, it will be an even more massive number.  It’s unlikely that leads are generated equally. Not that people should fall sick and become leads, but the […]

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2021?

Search Engine Optimisation, the brain of digital marketing has evolved a lot since search engines existed. It will remain the same every year and has always been relevant. Your entire online presence relies on SEO. It’s what makes your website visible on internet browsers.  However, since the advancement of new digital technologies making their way […]

How to Get Your Website on Google’s first page?

The answer lies in digital marketing. Particularly SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.  If your website is anywhere on Google beyond the first page, you might as well hide a dead body along with it.  It means that people don’t visit pages beyond the first page as they can find everything they need on right there. […]

Voice Search Optimisation – How to optimize content in 2021

Voice Search optimization is all set to change SEO. It’s beginning to gain momentum, so are you ready for it? If not, then read on to learn! What is voice search? Voice search is a process of searching for information on search engines by speaking into the mic, rather than typing. More and more people […]

Top A.I Training Institutes in Bangalore

Wondering where to learn Artificial Intelligence? Bangalore is the best place to learn AI and given that it’s the IT capital of India, there are plenty of job opportunities after the training is completed. According to Gartner, AI will generate 2.3 million jobs in 2020. Many companies having realised the potential of AI are starting […]

Top Institutes for Animation Courses in Bangalore

Animation takes a great deal of focus, drawing skills – both traditional and digital, understanding of movement, color theory, rhythm, form, perspective, light and shadow. If you want to hone these skills and take it to the professional level, then taking animation courses in Bangalore will be a good start.  Animation is gaining momentum in […]

20 different types of keywords in digital marketing

20 Different Types Of Keywords In Digital Marketing

Keywords are specific words or phrases that people used to find content on the search engines.If you wanted to look for places where you can learn digital marketing in your locality, you’d type digital marketing institutes in Bangalore. This, right here, is a keyword. Using keywords in content on your website can help present it […]

Search Engine Optimization Hacks to Improve Your Google Rankings

  Are you struggling to rank on Google despite trying so much? SEO can be a tricky job. But don’t give up yet as we have shared some SEO hacks that can help you rank better! SEO has advanced tremendously in the last five years that it’s hard to keep up with the competition. Google […]

Top Data science training institutes in Bangalore

Did you know that there are almost 1 lakhs of data science job openings in India? It is one of the highest paying jobs in the world because the world runs on data. With all the digital footprint we leave on the internet, companies are making use of the data to drive their business decisions. […]

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