Search Engine Optimization Hacks to Improve Your Google Rankings

  Are you struggling to rank on Google despite trying so much? SEO can be a tricky job. But don’t give up yet as we have shared some SEO hacks that can help you rank better!

SEO has advanced tremendously in the last five years that it’s hard to keep up with the competition. Google gets better at understanding content and marketers can no longer take shortcuts and fool it to get better rankings.

As more competition and intelligence pile up on Google, marketers need to constantly keep their finger on the pulse and push on! An SEO company in Bangalore can help you improve your site’s rankings.

Boost your SEO efforts and rankings with these simple hacks!

Create Quality Content:

Content is the king and Google highly values quality content. Creating high-quality content optimised for SEO does half of the job in helping you rank better. Because people love quality content, they may link to you, share it on social media, and consume more of your content which brings more repeated, consistent traffic.

All these factors contribute to improving the SEO of your site. A well-researched and written content can take your site to the best position on the SERPs.

Do keep in mind that the content has to be –

  • Structured well
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Unique
  • Loaded with value
  • Useful to the users
  • Linkable & shareable
  • New & fresh
  • Consistent, regular

Focus on creating cornerstone content – content that people want to find for a particular keyword.

Focus on creating high quality, fewer content a week rather than publishing short content for the sake of ranking.

As the webi7 best SEO agency in Bangalore, we consider content marketing an important SEO strategy. We believe content is everything in SEO.

Limit Web Pages on your Website:

Google finds it hard to crawl websites with a lot of pages. It prefers sites with easy to consume and digest content. If you have too many web pages on your site, it will take longer time for crawlers to crawl your site as Google has a crawler budget, which determines how many of your web pages will be crawled in a given time.

If the web pages are too many for the budget, then any new content added or old updated content may not rank as soon as you had hoped.

Once you remove unwanted pages from the sitemap, it could potentially improve the traffic as it makes it easier for the crawlers to do their thing easily. But removing from the sitemap won’t do any harm to the pages – they will still exist and users can still navigate to them.

You can use Yoast to remove the pages from sitemap or do it manually using Google Search Console.

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PR – Press Release:

Press Releases are a reliable source of content as some content on the internet can seem suspicious. Moreover, it is saturated with ads, clickbaits, and scams which is not only irrelevant and unreliable but also bad for user experience. People are more likely to trust and engage with any kind of press content.

So, try to create press releases worthy of publishing – it could be a new product line launch that can be useful for the mass, launch of a new franchise, awards, recognitions, etc.

Press is hard but worth it. A well-written press content is worth a lot more than ads. PR helps SEO too and you can begin by reaching out and connecting with smaller publications in your niche. If you do get lucky, you will earn some backlinks, social media mentions and more brand awareness.

Build more Links:

High quality links are still considered as a ranking factor. The more links you earn, the higher your site will rank. Though it is a long-term strategy, it helps build the authority of your website. According to a survey by SEJ (Search Engine Journal), link signals like number of links, linking domain authority and anchor text makes up for 29% of ranking factors.

Include collaborating with influencers in the build building checklist. Another hack to get high-quality backlinks is to find sites with broken links in your niche and then offer them your site as a substitute. This hack has been proven quite effective in link building.

Increase Dwell Time on Sites with Tools:

Users prefer to consume different ways – some prefer to read, some prefer to listen and some prefer to watch. While it’s difficult to make users stay on the site, you can increase the dwell time by using tools like Amazon polly or any other text to speech converter tool where users can listen to someone else reading the content that’s been written.

The more users spend time on your site, the better. It says that they find something valuable on your site, which Google deems as a ranking factor.

Videos work too but again it needs to have quality content that’s presented well.

It’s no longer sufficient for users to just click the links, they have to stay on the site. Dwell time is an important SEO factor.

Work on the Footer:

One of the most important parts of your website is the footer. And it needs to be clean and concise with content. The old SEO trick was to pack the footer with a lot of content.

With Google’s changing algorithms, that can now hurt your SEO.

Instead, focus on a few important and relevant links and align the anchor text with search terms. You can also link to relevant cornerstone content.

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