How AI impacts on Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Industry

  We are in the era of digitalization world and everything around is controlled by machines. Since the beginning of the millennium, there are many changes in the field of science and it is taking over every industry by a storm. We have seen many advancements like smartphones, smartwatches, self-driving cars, Mars Rover has been launched, virtual reality, and many others to mention a few. The new addition to the list joins the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the advancement of digital marketing strategy in the marketing field, it is AI that is taking over the charge. Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the digital marketing industry from reaching the targeted audience to increasing the ROI (Return on Investment). The science of marketing is quite difficult, as marketers have to understand commerce trends, technology, and human psychology. They have to analyze for broader social trends and what drives the individuals towards the products.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is increasing in popularity with the advancement in the field of science but lacks a perfect definition. Nils J Nilsson, one of the founding researchers in AI told that “AI is the activity dedicated to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is the quality that modifies an entity to function suitably and with foresight within its surroundings.”

AI these days is a buzzword which is grabbing all the eyeballs to pay attention to it. The idea itself is creating a bit of fear in one’s own nerves. Are the machines taking over the ones who created them and are the humans going to lose their jobs as time passes? Not for now is the answer, all I can say for now. AI in digital marketing is letting marketers focus on the creation of personal and relevant connections with engaging customers.

Advantages of using AI?

  • With the implementation of AI in a particular field, it is noted that the errors are consistently being reduced. Though it does not eliminate the errors completely. This is increasing efficiency with the usage of minimal time.
  • For digital assistance like online support interaction in fields like banking, telecom, health care, government, travel, utilities, retail, and many other AI is being used to solve the issues raised by the customers.
  • AI is helpful in the daily applications we use like voice assistants, GPS, social media tags and many others run on Artificial Intelligence. To make our lives much better and easy AI is being used by its amazingly helpful algorithms.
  • In the Finance related business matters, AI is used and is replacing human force. The cognitive computing will generate accurate financial appraisals and market analysis in helping us to know when to buy and sell the shares.
  • The AI’s impact of advertising and marketing industries is that chat box will replace humans to increase the customer’s satisfaction.


How AI impacts on Digital marketing

Digital marketing with Artificial Intelligence:

During the past years, marketers used to hesitate to implement AI in their field. But the fruitful results in many other fields leading to use AI even in digital marketing strategies. AI has made its presence felt in many processes like big data, machine learning, and Internet of things. In the coming years, we can see visible changes and the impact of AI in multiple fields.

The following are the possible outcomes of the usage of AI in digital marketing techniques.

  • With predictive marketing, it makes your decision much easier and simpler: Every time the user browses on the internet, new data is generated and collected for AI analysis. This reveals information like the behavior, needs, and future actions of the users. With this data, marketing is optimized to supply the most useful and relevant data. Social media outreach reveals personal data about the outlook making the marketers easy to target the right audience.
  • Personalize the user experience to the next level: With the use of AI, if the customer can create the content marketing strategy, it can be groundbreaking. Based on the customer searches, interests, and buying behavior customized content campaigning is created.
  • With AI, augmented reality is leveraged to provide users with an option to feel and see the product before the purchase: This makes the decision making easy for the customers as they can perceive the product in detail before the actual purchase.
  • To get maximum Return on Investment using image recognition: With the AI implementation in the image recognition techniques, it is far easier to get a detailed description of an image.

This technology is being used in banking and financial sectors to recognize the face of the customer, thus making the payments much faster and safer.

Social media has always been biased towards the visual content as the posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are getting more impact with the images which are more engaging the users. As the world shares more than 3.25 billion photographs a day, it leverages the AI to get to know the customer’s needs, behavior, and patterns. AI now to get a conclusion looks for those images and compare them to the large image library.

With the implementation of AI technology in digital marketing strategies, it is being hopeful for the marketers to look for fruitful years ahead. Marketers can have an idea of the customers’ opinions and customers can have a better understanding of the product. This helps both customers and marketers gain equally and keep both of them on the winning side. With the necessary changes in the implementation of AI in digital marketing techniques, it creates quite a good option for investors.

But as of now, AI is irritating the users with some unwanted stuff and the buzz is that it is less efficient than humans when coming to understand what the users need in particular. So don’t worry about your job. AI, as far as we concern, cannot harm human intelligence. After all, human has created the so-called Artificial Intelligence. The name itself suggests that it is artificial and not natural as always nature takes power over artificial manufactures.

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