Importance of Email Marketing Campaign – Today’s Digital Marketing World

Email Marketing is a stepping-stone to business success, nowadays because of:

  • The rise of mobile devices
  • The significance of segmentation
  • The power of personalization
  • The importance of data-driven analysis & optimization

In this blog, we will try to cover the introduction & core principle of email marketing, the importance of contact database & email segmentation strategy to inbound marketing success, Best practices for high performing emails, Basic guidelines for email design & functionality & Different types of email bounces.

Email marketing is the process of sending a commercial message to a group of people, using email. Every email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered as email marketing.

Contact Database Management & Segmentation in Email Marketing are two important criteria for Email marketing success. Segmentation empowers marketers to do relationship-driven marketing that drives results. Contact database management is a place to keep track of all the people & companies that have a relationship with the business & contact database is the nerve center for all of the Inbound Marketing efforts. To build a Segmentation strategy, Make sure the contact database is accurate & up-to-date, determine your segmentation strategy and segment your contacts using implicit & explicit data.

Types of Email Segmentation:-

  • Company related segmentation – company size, industry & company type
  • Role- related segmentation – department, seniority & function.
  • Behavior-related segmentation – conversion events, Email opens & page views
  • Marketing Intelligence Related Segmentation – social media data, original source & web analytics.

Let me mention about Explicit & Implicit data, explicit data is information that intentionally shared between a contact & a company in the form of forms submission & surveys. Implicit data is information gathered from user behavior i.e., by social media engagement, Email engagement, Web analytic history & conversion data.

Importance of Email Marketing Campaign
Importance of Email Marketing Campaign

Next, let me Collaborate on, Key Best Practices for High Performing Emails:

1. Determine a good primary goal for the email – the only way to write a great email is with a clear goal in mind and five important questions to ask yourself is

  • all audience Who you are Emailing, What you want to do audiences after they receive Email (Identify a clear action that you want to quantify), When is the appropriate time to send an Email, Where is your audience going to read your Email, why is your company sending this message & How will you know if you have met your goals.

2. Optimize your Email for opens – Craft a great subject line as shorter is better, front-load important keywords or key phrases, Avoid sales language pitch, keep it straightforward and personalize when appropriate.

3. Compel your reader to action – write an effective Email for scanability, use the right tone, personalize when appropriate, make it readable on any screen, proofread & mix it up.

Let me Further Proceed:

Email design & functionality – Great design creates a consistent experience for everyone who receives the Emails & design can help you capitalize on branding & recognition to create a connection with the readers.

  • Great Emails can be designed by selecting the primary goal – Every part of the Email should support the goal we have selected for deliveries, clicks & opens.
  • Write & design the copy–focused Emails can be created by grabbing attention, build anticipation & call to action by following the inverted pyramid method approach.
  • Create a consistent experience – Email Client (Gmail): A computer program that allows you to access & manage your Emails.

Email deliverability is the measurement & understanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing message into people’s inboxes & we can measure by engagement & contact churn metrics.

i) Engagement metrics – clicks are proof that your Email motivated your recipient to actually do something.

ii) Contact churn metrics – unsubscribe

We will focus on the radar too, the last topic of this article;

Email bounce – A bounce is an email that for some reason was rejected by the recipient’s mail server.

Most Common Types of Bounces:-

a) Recipient bounces – Have 500 or 550 bounce code. Their message usually tells you this is either no good or never was good.

b) Content bounces – Have a 571 or 554 code. The mail server, anti-spam service, or software protecting the mail server determined that the content was kinda gross.

c) Reputation bounces – some system between you & the recipient’s mailbox made a judgment call based on your reputation & refused to deliver the email.

d) Temporary bounces – folks protecting your recipient’s inbox are not quite sure what to make of you,    so they are taking a wait & see approach.

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