Digital Marketing for Startups 2020

Digital Marketing for Startups 2020

They have an idea, that idea has to be developed, tested & then market it. It’s a Startup, where founded by one or multiple entrepreneurs to develop the idea as a unique product & finally to bring into the market. Startup funding is required, the sources include bank loans, government-sponsored, grants by organizations/non-profitable organizations, etc. Major history says startup fail, but at the same time history speak’s most successful startup entrepreneurs like Flipkart founded by Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal, Microsoft founded by Bill Gates, Ford Motors founded by Henry Ford, Oyo founded by Ritesh Agarwal, Swiggy founded by Nanda Reddy, Rahul Jaimini & Sriharsha Majety, Bookmyshow founded by Ashish Hemrajani, Parikshit Dar, Rajesh Balance and many more. A simple effort is required to make its own startup success in the market. Making their perfect presence in the market as per the requirement the success leads & then they’re inspiring success stories for the people around and globally also.


Digital marketing refers to ads that are delivered through channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps that are completely digital. Digital marketing’s main objective is branding & sales totally to create revenue. The startups are to create and lead new talent, now digital marketing for startups is a unique combo system with huge demand. Hence this digital marketing for startups works exceptionally well because digital marketing is a universal concept. It’s the digital era, everything is digital & people most of the time rely on digital means online presence for their transactions like purchasing, ticket booking, checking reviews, etc. Digital marketing has given effective identification to many of the startups. To work this combo digital marketing for startups, you need to understand the basic business factor of the targeted audience for their long and short terms goals too.

Startup owners always merely think that they don’t have the right & enough budgets to spend on digital marketing. If they perseverance for a long time and believe that customers will show up after some time. This is not a good approach to digital marketing as startups. There is no astray of customers, your customers are already perseveringly in online. They will be quest always for business, shopping, etc. Today people if they are interested in the product to buy/purchase they seldom search for your products online.88% of people consider online reviews not to denie for their purchase decision.


Digital Marketing for Startups 2020

Startups need help to uplift their business to take off from the ground. So they are many ways for startups to be best by implementing digital marketing strategies.

  1. Unique Content:

The unique content which helps your customers providing content. Unique Content is a piece of information about your own product which is displayed. And this provided content should be shared as much as possible. Again Updating this unique content is more important, you must create weekly unique content. Try to make shorter content with effective information, and shorter content earns the most backlinks, study says by (Searchenginejournal).


2.Social Network Platforms:

Most of the people in the world are busy on social media, so your business must target social media networks.Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat play an important role in uplifting your business and also the online brand presence. Social networks will connect to reach out to your target audiences. On the other hand, it will take lead on your search engine ranking, webpage CTR, lead generation and conversions, etc.

Consider in 2019, Facebook is the largest social media channel with 2.5billion monthly active users.Similarly Instagram an photo-sharing platform to its finest photo uploads the users a do, Instagram is the one social media channel growing rapidly.


3.SEO More Important:

 More or less SEO is still important, getting you targeted customers without paying a single rupee that is what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization).To increase your visibility and ranking over the company website without any payment. And even involves other key factors like increased traffic, ROI, brand building, and other factors too. Some of the tools for SEO to increase your ranking are SemRush, Moz, Google Search

Console, Google Trends, Ahrefs, Woorank, Screaming Frog.


4.Mobile – Friendly Website:

The world is running by a hand device mobile, the number of mobile users and search continues to grow each and every year. If your company website is not mobile-friendly ie responsive will leade to a struggle for organic rankings. Google has the best algorithm for analysis, according to the recent google algorithm the best way to increase your organic ranking traffic is to make the best responsive website which is more mobile-friendly. Google will have a note when your website is mobile-friendly or responsive


  1. Viedo Marketing:

Viedo is one of the right ways to approach customers. Viedo Marketing plays somewhat a unique presence in digital marketing to say video ads have a huge following and fan base too. Making a short informative video about your company will reach more efficiently for your customers and wide other customers also. Reaching your video via social media platforms will lead your customers to more engagement on your company and even in the other way of brand awareness is created. More engagement can be done like posting webinars, go on for live sessions, add stories, etc.


6.Email Marketing:

To me, as per my studies if you use and implement it in a right way Email is the most effective marketing to reach the customers. The important thing in the email is a relationship is built with your customers. And moreover with personalize the content you can build trust-worthy relation with your own existing customers


Some Steps need to be followed by Startups:

  1. Make Bussiness Plans
  2. Get Organized
  3. First Understand the Market & Your Targeted Audience
  4. Make Legal structure & your business registration officially
  5. Build more and more networks
  6. Never invest with a negative partner
  7. Try to avoid the intake of unrelated people
  8. Never undervalue the service of your product
  9. Avoid Overmarketing
  10. Spend money on the demand for the business

Bottom Line:

A startup is an initial step for success. By a single person alone a successful startup can’t be built, an startup with a team will lead your business successful in the market. Up’s & Down’s are quite common in every filed, so don’t lead back of failure; be sportive, learn from the failure and bounce back with the team into the market with the business. Try to take a unique ideas & be unique in the market.

Author: Bharat Kumar

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