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SMS marketing is a way of reaching out to customers by sending promotional or transactional text messages for marketing purposes. It is the most underrated and underappreciated method of marketing as it provides numerable benefits to a business at lower costs. 

SMS marketing can be used to let the customers know about the limited and immediate offers, coupons, updates, transactions, alerts, and promotions. It works for retail or e-commerce companies, travel service companies, services that need appointments, etc. 

SMS texts are read on time – typically within three minutes of sending them. This makes it more effective than email marketing. SMS marketing is great for building customer relationships, and driving higher engagement as customers are more likely to read text messages and take action or respond.

The main benefits of SMS marketing are – 

Reliable delivery – SMS can be delivered easily and is guaranteed to be opened by the receiver unless they have marked it as spam. 

High Engagement – SMS open rates are staggeringly higher than email open rates and stand at 82.1% (source – This is because SMS is delivered to mobile phones and people are attached to their phones. And it has more engagement rate than emails. 

Compliments email marketing strategies – SMS and email marketing strategies are quite similar. Once an email is sent, an SMS can be sent as a follow-up. 

Easy tracking – You can easily find out how many read your messages, replied to it, clicked on the link or ignored the messages. 

SMS marketing is only effective if the messages and ads are optimized for the mobiles and follow strict guidelines. They also have to be consented to by the recipient to avoid being marked as spam. 

We provide SMS marketing services in Bangalore that are effective in generating leads and conversion. 

With our custom integration with engaging and interactive content, following the strict guidelines and security, we ensure that SMS marketing delivers accurate results.

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