Factors of Search Engine Optimization

  Simple terms it means how you rank your website in the top positions. So how does Google decide which website to rank in top? Google decides on the base of algorithms. Algorithms are nothing but a set of rules that Google decides how to rank your website there are more than 200+ but three are the most important. So it’s like we purchasing phone we according to our need tend to focus on a few important features like Good RAM, long-lasting batter, good camera, etc. So does Google it focuses on three factors these are website loading speed, user experience internal links, and backlinks. Website loading speed and user experience depend ON page SEO and Backlinks come under OFF page SEO.

  ON Page SEO.

1.Website Speed:

So what is ON page SEO? These are factors that user will expect from a website like in a phone we expect it to be fast similarly we want the website to load very quickly so how does Google check this, Google have some spies which are known as bots these act as James bond for Google these come can Crawl on your website (simple meaning they come and visit) but you cannot know whether did they visit or not. So if they find it smooth and quick then it will give your website higher ranking.

Things that can help in making your website rocket on Google?

  1. Purchase a web hosting service these places were your information and data about your website is stored like we have storerooms in our house if it is big we can store more things and get them back easily whenever we needed but if it is small and crowded it very difficult so web hosting services are storehouse of your websites these will help Google retrieving data and information of your website easily and quickly many people use free hosting services which make their website very slow and Google ranks it very down
  2. Compress your images will decrease the size of your websites and make your website load quickly.
  3. Delete unnecessary pages to decrease the size of your website, so for example, if you wrote a blog about a phone and that no longer exists in the market then why to keep it on your website it similar to accommodating junk in your house so deleting such pages makes your website smooth and fast.

2.User Experience:

Google has become more user-friendly than ever before on ranking websites it pays more emphasis on how did users liked visiting these websites or not the results shown by Google are they giving solutions to the user’s question?

In order to give users a good user experience, what should we do? Let’s us became users and pick out points we expect from a website.

  1. It should load fast we want things done in quickest way possible as so your website should load very swiftly as soon as user clicks on it else he or she will bounce back and Google will rank your website down because Google might think you are not solving the user’s problem.
  2. Providing the answer in the simplest way possible you don’t have to become an English philosopher this is the mistake many people do they make their article or blog so complex that they get confused and bounce back to another websites for simple solutions.
  3. Using multiple way of communication we all like pictorial things we like to read a book which has got images compared to the book which lacks images. So add images to convey your message if you are writing about Football try to add images regarding it people will stay longer on your website and if possible use info graphics these are a mixture of a video and information people love this more than a Mac Donald’s burger these days. Try to add videos related to your topics this will make user more interested in your topic and they might spend more time on your website and Google will think you are solving user’s query and your website is more interesting than other and this will in return improve your ratings.
  4. Get feedback from your audience and improve your content according to their needs as Bill gates once stated Market leaders will the one who empower people, so though it’s a business quote it is quite relevant to SEO as more people centric your content is the more chances they will comeback Google considers this factors very important as if people who read your article if they do not come back then Google might rank you down as your old audience does not want to read your content again so try to retarget them by sending them emails if they are constantly coming back Google will assume that people do like your content and chances of ranking high increases.
  5. Make sure your site is https secured these is very important every netizen wants his information to be secured even if you are creating amazing content people might bounce back even before reading it and Google will not trust you and will rank you down.
  6. Use internal links these have been linked to higher ranking from many time as these are links that helps user navigate from one page of your website to other so is helpful for user to explore your website easily and Google also ranks you higher if your pages has internal links.
  7. Choose a domain name that is similar to your niche like cooking then you can choose domain name like fiverstarrecipies.com people are more likely to click on attractive names than a normal domain name.
  8. Choose an attractive Meta description like cooking you put cook 5min healthy and tasty breakfast.
  9. Write in depth about topic you are writing person reading the content should have no doubts in his mind so that he or she does not go to other website and increase your competitor’s traffic.
  10. Know your target audience so if your target audience is from America use colors related to the American flag so that people subconsciously will get connected to you without even knowing these might sound odd but it’s proven psychologically.

Additional Tips:

  1. Put keyword related to your content in the title tag, in the first 100 words of your description as Google gives more importance to the upper part of your content compared to the lower part
  2. Use LSI keywords or in short keywords related to your topic put them to drive topic to your website.
  3. Keep short URL many top SEO experts have recommended this as it has been linked to higher Google rankings.


  1. These are references that other websites give to the Google about your websites like you’re more likely to purchase products from a shop that has been recommended by your trusted friend compared to buying the same product from other shop
  2. Google use this sample principle in ranking website suppose you have a mobile store and there blogger who write about mobile phone and they are already ranked high and generating a lot of traffic you can contact them to link your website to their blog and when the bots crawl on websites they find that your website has been recommended by a website that is already ranking they will push your ranking high and these are called as backlinks

So How to Develop These Links:

  1. You can contact bloggers related to your niche and help them with their content like if a blogger is writing about SEO but he or she doesn’t have content related to SEM and you have good content about SEM you contact them and ask that you can put content on their website in return for a backlink.
  2. Guest blogging many popular websites in your niche allows writing content related to their niche on their websites you can write for them and in return get a backlink.
  3. Do not link your websites to the websites that are not related to your niches this will rank you down if you are writing about guitar and you link your websites to websites related to speakers and Google will rank you down so always develop backlinks related to your niche.

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