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Are you tired of print advertising and promoting your business through traditional marketing!!!!!  We provide a complete Best Digital Marketing Package for your website to help it thrive in all the nooks of its functioning. Contact us now to get yours up and running!

Do you want to get more visitors that convert to customers and grow your revenue?

Do you want to be more visible on the search engine results page (SERPs) and rank higher?

Well, Web7’s digital marketing service in Bangalore can help you grow your business with 10x revenue and cut marketing costs by 5x! 

Digital marketing is widespread today as more and more companies are coming to realise its importance. It’s an essential part of every business as internet users are increasing in large numbers and the world is going fully digital. Keeping up with the digital trends and technology is the only way forward for any business today. 

Digital marketing provides a plethora of benefits that can push your business towards strategic growth and development. It works for any kind of business regardless of its size and niche. And there’s so much digital marketing can do that no other marketing methods can –

Best Digital Marketing Package seos

Our Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore:

1.   SEO:  Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the magic behind ranking #1 on the SERPs. With the best SEO practices, your website can gradually improve its rankings, improve user experience, enable potential customers to find you before they find your competition, and much more. 

The strategies that come under SEO which helps your business are – 

Keyword research –

Keywords are specific terms and phrases that people use to find relevant information on the SERPs. Rank for specific keywords and let people find you first before they find your competitors. Keywords are crucial in SEO and using them effectively can optimise your site’s architecture, its content and your Google My Business account. Keywords also optimize your site for local search.

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Best Digital Marketing Package seos

Competitor analysis –

We analyse your competition’s performance across all online channels to see what content you’re missing, what could be improved, and compare the performance of yours with your competitors for a better marketing strategy. 

Competitor analysis is a common strategy that many marketers use. It enables us to find differences in the performance online, for example, find what keywords we are using that are ranking high, how are they ranking for a keyword that we also use, how their engagement for social media content is, and more.

Technical SEO –

Technical SEO involves optimising the architecture of the site so the search engines can access, crawl, interpret and index your site. It has little to do with the website’s content and more with the structure of the page – page load speed, robots.txt, meta tags, broken links, HTTPS, etc. While technical SEO serves its purpose to please the search engines, it should also be optimised for the human users. 

Best Digital Marketing Package keyword

Best Digital Marketing Package SEo

Local SEO –

Do you want to be number one among your local competitors? Do you want to rank #1 for a locality? Then local SEO is for you! It helps optimise your site or other online presence for a particular locality so that when users search for something in a particular location, your site will come up first.

Mobile optimisation –

Considering that mobile users are more in number than desktop users and the introduction of mobile-first indexing by Google, mobile optimisation is essential. Providing great user experience on mobile can impact how well people interact and engage with your site. It also impacts the SEO and ranking of your site. So we make mobile optimisation our top priority and ensure that your site performs excellently on mobile devices – quick page loading, easy navigation and great user experience that is devoid of pop-ads

Best Digital Marketing Package India

Best Digital Marketing Package Bangalore

Link building –

Link building involves earning backlinks from high authority sites. Earning backlinks helps SEO and improve the trustworthiness of your site. Link building strategies involve creating engaging content, guest blogging, email outreach, social media marketing and more. With time and persistent effort, you can build backlinks. 

Content creation

Content is anything that holds value and is not limited to blogging. Content can be in the form of infographics, articles, emails, copywriting, social media posts, videos and audios, etc. Anything that has useful information, is valuable to the users, answers their query and provides solutions to their problems can be considered as content. Content can benefit SEO, spread brand awareness, engage with customers and generate leads. We provide excellent content writing services in Bangalore. 

By understanding your business goals, we devise SEO strategies accordingly to reach those goals, which is why we provide the best SEO services in Bangalore. 

Best Digital Marketing Packages Bnagalore

Our Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore:

1.   SEO:  Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the magic behind ranking #1 on the SERPs. With the best SEO practices, your website can gradually improve its rankings, improve user experience, enable potential customers to find you before they find your competition, and much more. 

The strategies that come under SEO which helps your business are – 

Best Digital Marketing Packages

2. PPC: Pay Per Click

A paid method of advertising where you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, it is quite effective in reaching a large target audience and bringing in extra leads to your site. With PPC, you’d be getting the first look on the search results page when users search for related products or services. 

PPC enables your brand to compete with larger businesses that are hard to beat in the rankings, convert leads effectively, reach out to potential customers directly and get measurable ROI. 

The best thing about PPC is that unlike SEO, it is unaffected by Google’s algorithm and has immediate effect. There is no waiting for your site to be displayed on top of SERPs or the first page and it guarantees more clicks than SEO. 

While it may not drive organic traffic, it can drive more quality and relevant traffic as 65% of users click on ads when they are searching for related products or services. You can reach local customers or advertise for global audiences. 

And Google is not the only platform for PPC ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also great for pulling in quality leads.  

Our PPC campaigns include – 

  • Search Campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • App Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns

Get visible and measurable results with our PPC services at reasonable prices. 

3. SMM: Social Media Marketing

One of the effective ways of marketing is targeting a specific audience in a specific place. And these days, it’s on social media where you can find countless potential customers who are interested in your products or services. 

Social media is the biggest platform for business marketing as the worldwide social media users round up to 4 billion, as of 2020. The platform has enabled many marketers to easily find target audiences and potential customers with low budgets and has helped countless businesses reach tens of thousands of people globally. 

With effective social media marketing strategies, your business too can reach a wider audience and accomplish business goals smoothly. 

Our social media marketing services include –

Best Digital Marketing Package
  • Social media ad campaigns

    Social media ads are one of the best and effective methods to reach a target audience and get high ROI. Ads are quite cost-effective and with a small amount, you could reach thousands of people and generate a lot of quality leads. Facebook for business is the most effective platform for ad campaigns if your goal is customer reach and lead generation. LinkedIn and Twitter are also the most used platform for launching ad campaigns. 

  • Social media marketing audit

    Social media auditing is the process of inspecting your social media profile – from content, followings, number of impressions, engagement rate, number of clicks, sales, revenue generated through social media, and more. The auditing will give us an idea of what strategies we can use to improve your social media performance, curate custom content that works for your audience and find the right target audience.

  • Competitor analysis

    We take a look at what your competitors are posting on their social media, for what kind of content they are getting the most engagement, how are they increasing their followers, and such. By doing so, we get an idea of how to improve your social media campaign, what works and don’t work for your niche. We take a strategic approach to building your social media profile based on thorough research and analysis.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Similar to Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation is a technique used to optimise your social media profiles to reach your business goals & objectives effectively and quickly. It includes optimising your posting schedule, hashtag research, using the right, high-quality images and videos, etc. 

  • Accounts/profile creation & branding

    We create a catchy profile that stands out from the crowd, attractive and engaging. It’s not about just having a social media profile, it’s about how you present your brand. So we create a profile that has your brand’s color theme, designs, the right look and most importantly – content that is uniform in the sense, the customers can relate a particular post to your social media profile.

  • Strategy planning

    To accomplish your business goals through social media, it takes a lot of planning and execution at the time right to the right people. So we devise a strategic planning after thorough research of your ideal audience, your business niche and choosing the right platform. Not all social media marketing strategies may prove to be effective, so we execute only the ones that bring visible and measurable results.

  • Content creation and publishing

    Most of the social media content is visual. Instagram and Pinterest especially demand images and video content. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow space for micro-blogging and other forms of content. So, depending on your niche and audience, we create rich, engaging content and publish them on platforms that drive the most engagement. We also use the UGC- User Generated Content to build a community that drives positive business change


Like different elements of your website and other online presence, content is also important. Content is anything of valuable information and can be in the form of blogs, web content, videos, images, posters, emails, brochures, and many more. 

Content plays an influential role in driving relevant traffic to your site, driving sales funnel, generating quality leads, brand awareness and getting exposure. 

We create engaging content that’s rich in value, information and promote it on specific platforms keeping our client’s business goals in mind to get the most out of it. With the right content, your company can reach wider & new audiences, drive relevant & quality traffic, earn backlinks, connect your brand with customers, ensure smooth journey in the sales funnel, and generate leads.   

Our content marketing services include – 

  • Social media campaigns content
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Website content writing
  • Emailers
  • Video presentation
  • Company profile creation
  • Infographics
  • Scriptwriting

Our content marketing process goes like this – 

  1. We start by understanding your business goals
  2. Analyse the existing content on your website and social media
  3. Analyse your brand persona and your business niche
  4. Find and research about your ideal audience
  5. Our content writing and marketing specialists create and curate rich, SEO optimised content specific to a particular online platform that works well both for the target audience and the search engine
  6. We then promote the content across various platforms for maximum visibility and exposure. 

If your website is lacking content, it’s likely to get a high bounce rate. With our content writing and marketing services, we can ensure that visitors engage with your site instead. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing 

Helps grow small businesses – Digital marketing is your number one essentials if you are a small business owner or a start-up. It’s hard to keep a small business running with traditional marketing methods like tv ads, posters, flyers, and cold-calling. They are expensive and limit reach to a small audience with low ROI. But with digital marketing, you reach a large audience, market on multiple platforms using multiple techniques for a budget-friendly price and get a good return on ROI. 

Digital marketing can turn your small business into a big one and expand its presence everywhere. Digital marketing works for all kinds of business and is not limited by any sorts of boundaries. As the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore, we enrich your brand and help you grow!

Establish brand presence online – Most people when they hear of a brand, they research about it on Google, social media and other online channels. If they don’t find them on the internet, they might as well have lost the people as potential customers. Establishing an online presence is essential for every brand so that their chances of being discovered are high. 

With digital marketing, you can establish your brand’s presence on multiple online channels which will benefit your business in every way. 

Brand awareness – Your brand can only grow if people come to know about it. Through traditional marketing and advertising, there is a limited brand awareness. But on the internet, it can be unlimited. This is because there is rapid growth in the number of internet and mobile users. 

People can find out almost anything if they have two things – internet and mobile. And digital marketing allows you to reach people on their phones and onmany online channels, thus widening the scope for brand awareness. Most of the young generation of people will find a brand on social media. With social media marketing, you can spread brand awareness. 

Local and global reach – Digital marketing lets you reach out to customers anywhere. It can be around your shop’s locality, or if you have an online shop, you could reach customers globally. Suppose you have a physical store and want to attract customers around your locality – with digital marketing, you can get 30x more customers. 

Not just that, by using SEO, you can rank for a particular keyword with a locality, for example – art classes in Indiranagar. So when people search for art classes using those keywords, your classes will first pop-up, if not, on the first page of SERPs. That is the biggest advantage of digital marketing. Without it, your site won’t even appear on the SERPs. 

Provides useful data – When you give out flyers, there is no way to know how people are engaging with them – are they taking the time to read it? Are they even interested in the contents of the flyers? How many people actually went through it? How many discarded it? Without the data for all these questions, you can not take any actionable decisions. 

But with digital marketing, you can get actionable insights that will guide you specifically in making business decisions. Using tools like Google Analytics can help you find out exactly how many people are engaging with your brand, how many impressions have been made, how many ads or website links were clicked, how many visited and converted on your website, and many more. These results are measurable as well.

Targeting – Targeting means choosing a specific group, individual or category of audience to market your products to. This is quite hard with traditional marketing where you are just basically targeting everyone. That is a huge waste of time and money unless your products are useful for everybody. 

With digital marketing, you would be reaching out to only those people who have similar interests – for example, if you’re selling organic tea, you can market to chai-lovers by using tools (like hashtag research) to find them. 

You also market to a specific location, age, gender, profession, etc. Digital marketing evidently provides many opportunities to reach your business goals effectively and quickly. 

Best Digital Marketing Package , Best Digital Marketing Package

Steady flow of traffic – Is your website getting enough traffic? Is it getting relevant traffic? What are you doing to keep the traffic coming?

If you are unsure what to answer, then you need digital marketing. Once your website is optimised for search, has relevant keywords and backlinks, it will start getting a steady flow of relevant traffic. And it doesn’t end there. Your site will also start generating quality leads that convert on your site. 

Sales funnel – Digital marketing ensures smooth buyer’s journey in the sales funnel. It gives the push for a lead to become a paying customer by ensuring that they find the right content, information and making the e-commerce site as visible as possible on the SERPs. Digital marketing strengthens sales enablement. It also drives visitors to your landing page and converts them, so you can generate more sales and revenue. 

Saves money – Digital marketing takes a load off your costs spent on promoting your business. The amount you pay for promoting your business through traditional media can come to just a few hundred bucks with digital marketing. 

On social media, you reach thousands of people for just 200 Rs (depending on location and how many people you want to target). And PPC ads don’t cost heavy as well. You’d be paying only if people click on your ads. But with flyers or other traditional marketing, you have to pay a hefty amount whether or not people will actually engage with them. 

Digital marketing ensures that your efforts are focused on things that actually work. So, use digital marketing to your full advantage and save money. 

Higher Conversion rate – The many strategies used in digital marketing ensures that your brand’s content reaches out to potential relevant customers and brings them to your site. With your site optimised for SEO, mobile and user experience, the visitors will likely check out your products and services page, and convert on your site. PPC is also another way to enable that and help grow your sales. Traditional marketing cannot guarantee that you will get a higher conversion rate. 

Digital marketing is a fast-evolving industry and the trends are constantly changing, providing new and better solutions in marketing. With the advent of new technologies like AR and VR being implemented in social media and advertising platforms, the future of digital marketing is looking brighter and more effective in its performance. 

Our digital marketing agency in Bangalore is one of the best, providing innovative and strategic solutions with the best digital marketing practices.


Is a mobile app necessary for my business?

While having a mobile app for your business can be quite beneficial, it may not always be necessary. It depends on what kind of business you run. If you run a food ordering service, then an app can definitely be helpful for your business. If you run a clothing store that has many locations, then an app could generate more sales for your business and acquire more visibility in the market. We are best Mobile App Development Service provider.

Usually, mobile apps are ideal for industries like gaming, food, delivery and transport. But if you are not sure if your business needs an app

How long will it take to build an app?

It takes at least 4-6 months to build an app. Once it is developed, we test it several times so that its functions, performance and usability is perfect without any complications. No app can be built in less than 4 months. It also depends on the complexity of apps – some complex apps with a lot of functionalities can take up to nine months to develop and launch. 

Which is better - Android or iOS app?

Android apps have a larger user base than iOS apps and are quite easy to use as well. But iOS apps are compatible with any business use and business needs and have a better performance rate than Android apps. And the security is also quite high in iOS. 

It all comes to your business needs and target audience. If your audience is more centered around Android, then go with Android apps. However, you have options for both where the apps can be developed to be compatible with both Android and iOS. 

Contact us for any kind of app needs and we will devise a successful project within the stipulated time.

Will the app have all the features from my websites?

Yes, and it will have even more with better navigation and user experience. We can customise the features according to your needs and business requirements. Features on the websites can be limited but with apps, there are countless opportunities and scope for innovation.